Renaissance Faires

Bring the Renaissance Faire Home in the New Year

There is so much promise and expectation when moving into a New Year that it can be overwhelming. It is a time when many of us call on ourselves to start doing nearly everything better, and the result can bring the opposite of the intended effect. When it all seems too much, sometimes we just think “well, nevermind!” and end up doing nothing at all. I’m going to work hard to ensure that doesn’t happen to me, and I hope you will, too!

Part of safeguarding myself against feeling overwhelmed is in creating resolutions that focus on a positive rather than a negative in their approach and language. The words we say to ourselves have a power well beyond imagination, and my first resolution is to start being a lot more respectful when talking to me! That should help me carry out my other resolutions quite nicely. As for those other resolutions? One I’m really excited about it my resolve to bring the Renaissance Faire home…

As much as many of my friends and I love Renaissance Faires and Festivals, none of us are able to attend them as frequently as we would like to. Whether it’s conflicting schedules, or there simply isn’t one nearby when the Renaissance itch fires up, there are inevitably times we would love to don our favorite Renaissance costumes and get together for endless fun times, but can’t. Or can we? I think I have a solution – I’m bringing it home, baby!

We have all invested a lot of time and money into creating Renaissance costume collections that are nothing short of magnificent. It’s truly a shame to only break those pieces out of the closet a few times a year when they’re so magically fun to wear. Additionally, beyond all the clothes, shoes and jewelry, what makes the Renaissance Faire so special is being surrounded by others with a common interest who are also excited and ready for fun. The worries of the real world get to slip away for the day at a Ren Faire, and that is a rare and beautiful thing! We all get to be who we want to be – who we really are beneath all the bills, commutes, and everyday obligations. And, importantly, we get to be our relaxed Renaissance selves with friends and family. What could be better?

This year, I will still attend my favorite Faires and Festivals. I will still keep an eye open for new events that spark my interest, and attend them whenever I can. But I will also take time to set up a Renaissance-themed get-together or two in my home. I love entertaining, and it would be so much fun to see my friends arrive in their grandest garb for turkey legs at my table! And hey – if things don’t go exactly as planned, that’s OK. I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time in any scenario, as long as I can keep the pirates from trying to set sail in the neighbor’s swimming pool!

Get Your Renaissance Outfits Before the Season Ends!

Renaissance OutfitsRenaissance faires are a popular Autumn activity around the globe. The allure of the Renaissance is appealing to many people, and it beckons visitors to participate in an interactive entertainment, including shows, jousting matches and performance art. In addition, Renaissance faires feature art work, food and artisan-crafted items that reflect upon a much simpler yet somehow more extravagant and romantic era.

At many faires, you can get a discount simply for showing up in costume. Not only is dressing in Renaissance outfits a great way to save money, it is a fantastic opportunity to blend in and completely immerse yourself in your unique surroundings.

Before your next trip to the Renaissance faire, head to Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe to find a large selection of accessories and clothing items that are certain to put you in a festive state of mind. We offer many options for men, women and children, from princess dresses to pauper digs, so you can dress the whole family in one great online location. The faire season runs in many locations until the end of October, so there is still time to order Renaissance outfits for 2012. You will undoubtedly continue to enjoy your articles throughout the 2013 season, as well.


Authentic Medieval Costumes Are No Laughing Matter

Authentic Medieval CostumesHere at, we provide you a number of Authentic Medieval Costumes options when it comes to what type of role you’d like to play at your favorite Renaissance Faire. You can be a Queen, Knight, Wench, and so forth. But one of the roles that can be just as fun as the ones mentioned before is that of the Jester. The Jester was supposed to keep the royal court entertained during festivities and events. They used a number of methods to entertain, such as clowning, music, juggling, and mental challenges via riddles. This could be an entertaining and unique role playing experience at a LARP or Medieval Faire.

In honor of the Jester, we thought we might include a Medieval-themed jest. If you have any of your own, leave them in the comments section!

In a Medieval Kingdom, a wise Sage made the prophecy that the King’s concubine would died in the near future. A few days later, the prophecy came to pass. The King convinced himself that the reason the woman died was strictly due to the Sage’s prediction. The King called for the Sage and demanded that the Sage make another prophecy, saying: “Tell me when you are fated to die.” The Sage was astute enough to realize that King was likely going to have him executed, regardless of the answer. The Sage thought on it a moment and finally said, “The numbers do not reveal the moment of my death, but they do say that when I expire, the King will die within three days.”


Renaissance Costumes for August Festivals

Pearsons Renaissance Shoppe Renaissance Costumes

What are your favorite Renaissance Faire Activities?

If you love to visit Renaissance events in August, then it’s time to plan ahead.  Whether you are visiting a Shakespearean festival or a local fair, there are many events slated during the summer months, and August is one of the most active for enjoying the old time atmosphere of such events.

You will need to allow plenty of time for your Renaissance costumes to arrive, and while there may be options for expedited shipping with various retailers, the costs can be excessive because of the weight of some of the materials.  This is especially true if you are ordering a chain mail armor outfit or a long Renaissance gown.  Make sure that you take correct measurements so that you order in correct sizes.

When you select your Renaissance costumes, keep in mind that the timing of an August event will entail warm weather and the potential for rain.  Summer monsoon season can present a danger for those planning to wear armor costumes, so determine what kind of shelter will be available if you plan to wear such garb.  Hats are excellent for providing a little bit of protection from the hot August sun, and you will want to make sure that all of your family members include hats in their Renaissance wardrobes.


Lightning Plans for Those in Medieval Armor


Get out of your Medieval Armor if you see Lightning

Summer is the best time for Renaissance Faire activities, but one force that can’t be programmed is that of nature. Summer rainstorms are refreshing, but when lightning accompanies the cool downpour, the refreshment can become dangerous. It’s essential that those participating in such events pay attention to weather reports and conditions, especially those wearing Medieval Armor. Metal can attract lightning, and the last thing you want to do is act as a walking lightning rod. Monitor lightning and storm activity and take lightning seriously.

Create an alternative plan in advance of your event so that if weather becomes a problem, you can easily evacuate those in attendance. Of course, those attending the fair can move to their vehicles for protection, but those clothed in medieval armor need alternative areas to go to for cover. You may want to provide a large tent or secure structure for weather related issues so that people can remove their metal armor. Heat can be just as detrimental as lightning, and those participating in performances should have ample room to cool off and hydrate. Likewise, those wearing heavy garments in renaissance style should be given space to cool off and take care of themselves if heat becomes overwhelming. Renaissance Faires are exciting, but be ready for the weather to take a turn, keeping your knights and ladies safe from lightning.

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Festival season is nearly here! A free Pearson’s gift certificate will help towards updating your looks, so enter now! Good luck!

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Renaissance Hats Protect You From Sunburn

Renaissance Hats

A Fair Hat for the Fair!

Spring and summer are wonderful times for enjoying Renaissance faires and festivals, and the time outdoors is enjoyable for the entire family. The wonderful experience of watching live action role playing activities provides a rich opportunity for the imaginative child to visualize Medieval times. It’s important, though, to take appropriate health precautions at such an event, as the early warm weather days are so beautiful that it’s easy to forget the potential for sunburn and heat sickness. Renaissance hats provide you with a fun way to protect your children’s heads from the harsh rays of the sun.

Renaissance hats are crafted in many interesting styles for both boys and girls. A coachman hat provides a fun choice for your child, and it will nicely shade his head and face in the process. Likewise, Musketeer or pirate hats provide fun, Medieval themed choices that will also shade tender little heads. Crowns and bonnets will not only shade your daughters’ heads but allow them to enjoy the frilly feel of role playing Medieval ladies and princess parts. You can search for a fun choice in advance of the summer Renaissance fairs or you might find a fun design while you are exploring a festival.

Children’s Medieval Clothing: Ignite the Magic for your Children

Medieval Childrens Costum
Be A Young Squire At The Faire!

Renaissance Faires are magical and wonderful, even for those who arrive as mere spectators. But to take the magic and excitement and wonder to the next level, there’s nothing quite like arriving in full costume, especially when you’ll be attending with little ones. The good news is that with the added charm and authentic air of Childrens Medieval Clothing, fun takes on a whole new meaning. Little boys are transformed into knights, monks and wizards while little girls are morphed into Maid Marion, Lady Guinevere and fairies. Many times, they get so excited about their clothing and costumes they forget to pester you with questions like, “Are we there yet?”

Don’t forget that the greatest costumers (you know, the ones they’ll put on at least once a week for their rest of their pre-adolescent years) always come with boots, shoes and/or accessories for the complete package of Childrens Medieval Clothing. With a little creativity and imagination, playful parents and families can work together to create a whole traveling troupe of lords, ladies and other magical medieval personalities.

Take a moment to brainstorm with your family on ways that you can make your next Renaissance Faire one you’ll never forget.

Pearson’s Poetry!

Hear ye, Hear ye!

If you are planning on visiting a Renaissance Faire in the near future, wearing a costume can help add to the atmosphere.  Or maybe you are a seasoned veteran who loves to dress up, but you are looking for a different costume to change things up a bit.


Popular roles at a Faire are:





-Tavern Keeps



But there is one role that people sometimes shy away from: The poet. Medieval poets were often great lyricists who penned some of the most beautiful poetry that we read today. If you are looking to meet a lovely lady while at the fair, why not consider wooing her with some vibrant verses? An appropriate costume to go along with this archetype would be this Renaissance cotton poet shirt.


We also wanted to bring up this idea this week because the 22nd of December is National Haiku Day. We thought it might be fun to pair a pop-culture event with some of our Renaissance themes. Therefore, we have tried our hand at some of our own haiku.


“Cunning Rogue”


O’ Wondrous Maiden

Your vast beauty radiates.

Please bring me some ale.


“The Calm Before the Storm”


Rain, nor thunder could

draw the evil Duke from his lair

Churchmen prayed all night.


Can you come up with any? If you can feel free to post them in the comments section!

Renaissance Costumes for Autumn

Dress right at the faire this fall

As we move closer to Autumn, there are many opportunities to put on a Renaissance costume. This is advantageous for you, because if you can wear your costume more than once, not only do you get to show it off, but you are also getting more value for your investment.

It is this time of year when most Renaissance faires are in full swing. Depending on where you live, you will find that there are faires that extend all the way into November. That is plenty of time for you to find your favorite costume and join in with everyone who loves to share in Renaissance culture.

But there are other times during this time of year where your costumes may also come into play. Halloween is not too far off and there is no reason you can’t use your costume for a party or to take youngsters trick-or-treating. Many communities also arrange for Fall Festivals. If you are on the planning committee for an event such as this, why not suggest having a Renaissance theme? Throughout history, many kingdoms would have a harvest festival, to give thanks for the year of plentiful crops. Why not hearken back to this historical trend, while wearing your Renaissance costumes all at the same time?

We wish you all a happy and healthy Autumn.