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Medieval and Renaissance Clothing According to European History

bookPearson’ explains and reminds you all about the European history in the middle ages of 500 to 1500 AD and anything that is old or too old that is still accepted in the society till date. It contains medieval costumes and renaissance clothing that are still adored by many people today. The clothing are unique and designed in different ways. Our main aim is to help you create a feeling that will take you back and remember your history in aid of maintaining and commemorating your renaissance era as compared to now.

We have medieval dresses for women and children fit for different occasions, including; dancing, wedding, special visits to the renaissance in commemoration of the European history and even come together wear.

During the renaissance period, people were divided according to classes and there were the nobility that is people of a high class and the poor, low class. The clothing and costumes for these two different classes were designed to look different in order to differentiate the two classes.

We consider style when designing our renaissance clothing and medieval clothing based on these classes that existed among the European leaders and people. Modern people today, feel uncomfortable wearing the renaissance costumes, and our work is to make the costumes better but still to resemble the formal one.

The women’s medieval clothing come in all styles including the types of costume the princess of the country of Europe used to wear. Women buy this in remembrance of this renaissance period. Women’s clothes include medieval skirts, renaissance dresses, waist cinchers and under-bust corset sets, medieval wedding dresses, special order and custom made dresses among the many other types of medieval clothing a woman would love.

Same to the men’s medieval clothing, this site has types of different clothes men need to wear for different occasions, including; Tunics and Gambesons, Doublets, Jerkins and Vests, Men’s Renaissance shirts, Pants, breeches and kilts, coats, tabards and brigadines among many others that men can wear.

Pearsons Renaissance Shoppe also has all types of capes that reminds one of the Renaissance Era. The hooded medieval cloak adds some personality and brings in some kind of mystery to the other outfit you have, be it the gown or the costume you bought. Hooded cloaks for ladies are also available.

This site provide you a stop by opportunity to have a look at our beautiful renaissance costumes and medieval clothing of all kinds. Be it you need renaissance boots for an event, they are available. Men, women and children’s renaissance clothing are assured of getting well-dressed from the head to the bottom.

One should keep in mind that our renaissance costumes and medieval clothing are original and are just designed the same as those of our queens and kings back in the years. Some costumes have been slightly designed different from the formal ones since some people do not feel comfortable wearing the originally designed ones. Now you know and you are now well conversant with what we offer. In case you would love to acquire one, please visit our shop or go to our website to purchase one at a cheap, affordable price.

Cosplay Costumes

In honor of the cosplay season Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has been expanding our cosplay costume inventory. We currently have several options for men, women, and children. What is cosplay you ask? If you don’t already know of course. Cosplay is similar to LARP (Live Action Role Play) and SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) in that it is a performance art where a specific character or idea is portrayed by a cosplayer who wears costumes and accessories. They sometimes attend Comic Conventions, or a Comic Con, which is an event where creators, experts, fans, and even guest stars amass to attend parties, panels, and join discussions that are all centered on many facets of comics. At several comic cons you are even able to meet the stars of your favorite television shows.

Are you planning to head to a comic con soon? Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has some great costume ideas for cosplayer. Such as our Lord of the Rings Arwen Dress and our Lord of the Rings Aragorn Dark Leather Surcoat.

Pearson’s has recently expanded our cosplay inventory to include Disney cosplay costumes. Some of our selections include Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, The Beast and Belle, Tiana, Frozen, and more! Here at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe we even have cosplay costumes for the smallest cosplayer Wizard or Elsa.

Are you heading out to a Comic Convention soon? Be sure to check Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe for all your high quality cosplay costumes. Custom sizing and fitting is available to make sure you look your best!

Some upcoming Comic Cons:

Florida SuperCon
June 25-28, 2015


San Diego Comic Con International
July 9-12, 2015


Texas Comicon
August 7-9, 2015


New York Comic Con
October 8-11, 2015

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Resources for Renaissance Costumes

Pearson's Renaissance Shoppe is your source for Renaissance and Medieval info!

Have you ever considered exploring your interest in the Renaissance or Medieval era? Have you ever wanted to don some Medieval armor and participate in a Live Action Role Play or Society for Creative Anachronism event? Are you looking for specific types of costumes for a theatrical production? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then we can definitely help you.

We also wanted to take the time to let you know that we have a number of resource articles that can help provide you with more information about the various types of costumes you can find on our site. There are also some tidbits of advice that you can use in order to better your experience when it comes to your Medieval costume. Whether you want to be a wizard, or you want to wear a lady buccaneer costume, you can find information that can be helpful to you.

We are always here to help, but we wanted to let you know about this Renaissance Resources page so that you can browse through all of the information that we’ve assembled to see if you can find additional answers.

We hope you find the exact costume that you are looking for!

Renaissance Costume Contest Winners

Her Royal Highness, recently held a picture contest for all of her loyal subjects, in which they would submit a picture of themselves in Renaissance costuming from There were several entries, which caused the Queen and her Royal Advisers to engage in a heavy debate to announce who the winners of the competition would be. After much deliberation, Her Majesty is ready to proclaim the winners to all in the kingdom:

Lord Tony Piazza as Captain Morgan, Honorable Mention

Lady Jessica Knutson, Runner Up

Lady Jessica Knutson, Runner Up

Lady Michal Johnson, Runner Up

Lady Penelope Clark, Medieval Wedding, Winner of Royal Prize

Congratulations are in order for the winners and much thanks to all those who participated.

Let the jubilation commence! God Save the Queen!

Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe’s Picture Competition

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Come one, come all!  Her Royal Majesty has recently decreed that there shall be a picture competition for the entire kingdom.  She requests that every one of her loyal subjects participates in this challenge.  As incentive for participation, the Queen has authorized prizes to be awarded.  Read on for the regulations.

All those subjects who wish to enter the competition are asked to send a picture of themselves to  This picture must be of you in one of our Renaissance costumes, at a Renaissance or Medieval event.  The Queen loves to see how much fun her subjects have once they have received their brand new Medieval outfits.  When Her subjects are happy; the Queen is happy.

All pictures must be received by November 5th, in the year of our Lord, 2010.  Once the Queen has reviewed all the entries, she will choose a winner along with two runners up.

Royal Prize:  $30

2 Runners Up:  $20 (Each)

The Queen eagerly awaits to see what kind of pictures you send!

Royal Declaration: Facebook

Her Royal Highness, the Queen of Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe, humbly requests that her loyal subjects join her in a venture that is designed to better the kingdom.

The Queen’s advisers, scribes, and artisans have recently established an outpost where subjects may exchange messages, drawings, and updates on life’s many trials. The scribes have dubbed this outpost: Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe’s Facebook.

The Queen wants to meet her subjects. She wants to know what type of Medieval outfits her subjects desire most. She is interested to learn what pieces of Renaissance Jewelry are the most favored. The Queen wishes to know how to further direct her seamstresses, cobblers, haberdashers, and jewelers.

Please do not ignore the Queen’s behest.

So it has been declared on this the 30th day of the 9th month in the year of our Lord, 2010.

God save the Queen!