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Steampunk Outfits for Newbies

Steampunk girlIf you’re like us, then you love the steampunk movement. Steampunk has its roots in books by authors like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, but it grew as a popular subgenre during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Combining elements of the literary version of The Old West with Victorian-era fashion, steampunk melds history with science fiction to create new and unique worlds. Enthusiasts often wear steampunk outfits and enjoy all sorts of steampunk-related books, graphic novels, and TV shows. If you’re new to the steampunk movement, here are some resources to get you started!

  • http://www.steampunk.com/ – This is a great resource for all things steampunk. Fashioned like a blog, this site provides you with news, events, a primer on steampunk, and even a bookstore to help you stay up to date on all things steampunk!
  • http://steampunkworkshop.com – Another blog site with a unique twist. This not only contains news updates but also how-to instructions for D.I.Y. steampunk projects.
  • http://www.steampunkmagazine.com/ – This site is great! Featuring stories, interviews, and historical and scientific articles, Steampunk Magazine is definitely one of the best publications on the internet today for all your steampunk needs!

As the movement grows, so too will the resources online. Be sure to visit PearsonsRenaissanceShoppe.com for more information on steampunk and to buy some great steampunk outfits!

Allied Kingdom: Medieval Research with Joyce

We at PearsonsRenaissanceShoppe.com would like to take a few moments to introduce you to a good friend of ours, Joyce DiPastena.

Joyce is a Medieval and Renaissance enthusiast who is the author of Illuminations of the Heart, a historical romance novel that was a finalist for the 2009 Whitney Award.  She is also currently in the process of a second novel, also set in the Medieval era.

We met Joyce through her blog, Medieval Research with Joyce, where she offers a wealth of information about the Medieval era, based upon the research she conducts for her books.  This information covers a number of aspects concerning Medieval lifestyles, historical events, and historical figures.  You will be sure to find a lot of interesting and entertaining facts, stories, and fables throughout Joyce’s blog posts.

So if you have a few moments in between dressing for the ball, holding court for potential suitors, or attending the joust, make sure to visit Medieval Research with Joyce.