Renaissance Costumes for August Festivals

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What are your favorite Renaissance Faire Activities?

If you love to visit Renaissance events in August, then it’s time to plan ahead.  Whether you are visiting a Shakespearean festival or a local fair, there are many events slated during the summer months, and August is one of the most active for enjoying the old time atmosphere of such events.

You will need to allow plenty of time for your Renaissance costumes to arrive, and while there may be options for expedited shipping with various retailers, the costs can be excessive because of the weight of some of the materials.  This is especially true if you are ordering a chain mail armor outfit or a long Renaissance gown.  Make sure that you take correct measurements so that you order in correct sizes.

When you select your Renaissance costumes, keep in mind that the timing of an August event will entail warm weather and the potential for rain.  Summer monsoon season can present a danger for those planning to wear armor costumes, so determine what kind of shelter will be available if you plan to wear such garb.  Hats are excellent for providing a little bit of protection from the hot August sun, and you will want to make sure that all of your family members include hats in their Renaissance wardrobes.


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