Renaissance Costumes for Autumn

Dress right at the faire this fall

As we move closer to Autumn, there are many opportunities to put on a Renaissance costume. This is advantageous for you, because if you can wear your costume more than once, not only do you get to show it off, but you are also getting more value for your investment.

It is this time of year when most Renaissance faires are in full swing. Depending on where you live, you will find that there are faires that extend all the way into November. That is plenty of time for you to find your favorite costume and join in with everyone who loves to share in Renaissance culture.

But there are other times during this time of year where your costumes may also come into play. Halloween is not too far off and there is no reason you can’t use your costume for a party or to take youngsters trick-or-treating. Many communities also arrange for Fall Festivals. If you are on the planning committee for an event such as this, why not suggest having a Renaissance theme? Throughout history, many kingdoms would have a harvest festival, to give thanks for the year of plentiful crops. Why not hearken back to this historical trend, while wearing your Renaissance costumes all at the same time?

We wish you all a happy and healthy Autumn.

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