Get the Perfect LARP Costume!

Have you ever participated, or are you planning on joining a LARP? Do you know what a LARP is? LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing.

LARPing can be a very entertaining hobby. Typically, a group of players, which can range in number from ten to a hundred, gather together at a campsite. Once there, they all develop a character. They come up with the character’s name, interests, jobs, etc. Then the group will role play being those characters and will interact with one another.

There are often times a number of people who actually run the game and progress the story. They do this by presenting challenges, playing character important to the world of the story, and by playing monsters or villains. Most LARPs actually involve live combat through the use of latex weaponry.

Once the weekend event starts, the players are in the world of the game constantly. You live, eat, and sleep as your character. That means that even when you are sleeping, you can be attacked. It is this completely immersive nature that keeps LARPers coming back for more.

One of the key elements for your character is your costume. You’re going to be in this costume for an entire weekend, do you definitely want to look for something that is comfortable. You’re also going to want a costume that looks impressive, to help maintain the atmosphere of the game world.

If you are in need of a handmade, high quality, durable, and authentic fantasy costume, then you should look no further than We have a vast selection of costumes for a variety of characters for both men and women. All of our outfits are handmade, comfortable, and sure to last. So make sure to browse through our selection, so you can find the costume that makes you stand out amongst the rest.

Which LARPs do you attend? Tell us about your favorite LARPs, LARP stories, or about your character by leaving a comment!

Renaissance Sales & Specials!


sale-journe-gown-3Have you seen the fabulous sale items at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe? This is a great chance to save on clearance, discontinued, and overstocked items! All items listed are NEW and NEVER worn. This sale is good for the quantities, colors, and sizes listed on the site and only while supplies last so hurry to get your Renaissance deals today!

One of the great options on sale right now from Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe is our elegant Queen Elizabeth Nobility Dress. Inspired by Renaissance Nobility style this one-piece dress closes with laces at the back and is boned to get that perfect silhouette. It sports graceful long hanging arms and is decorated with crystal and feathers. We recommend a hoop skirt for beneath your skirts to achieve the perfect profile.

If you are looking for something versatile to get the most out of your Ren Wear try Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe’s stylish Ren Doublet. This doublet is reversible, made of velveteen with a black twill backing so you can be the dashing nobleman or, with a simple flip of your doublet, a common peasant. Currently available in red or burgundy.

Take advantage of the great price on our Lady of Leeds Gown before they’re gone! This elegant full length gown features drop sleeves with a front split, lined with gold brocade fabric. This gown features an accented square neckline and elbows. Lacing up the back is provided to achieve your shapeliest fit!

Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe currently has several great separates on clearance! Our Charles Vane Pirate Shirt is made of thick rich Viscose fabric with a double ruffle down the chest and wrists fit for any dashing pirate. Our Dagget Sleeve Chemise tops come in several different colors. They’re baggy and versatile to be gathered and worn beneath a bodice, corset, or a waist cincher. They can be worn on or off the shoulders, fitting be ye a sassy wench or fine noble Lady. Our fashionable Maiden Skirts are made of 100% lightweight muslin cotton and are fully lined. These beauties are soft, breathable, and slightly transparent for any fine miss to shine with elegance. Pearson’s Period Cotton Shirts feature a stand up collar with a lace up front. Wide sleeves with an elastic gather at the wrists are roomy for any ample hunter needing room to pull his bow strings taught.

Get all of these fabulous treasures and more at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe Sales & Specials! Are you looking to expand your Renaissance wardrobe? Here at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe we have all the high quality Renaissance clothing, jewelry, and footwear to meet all your needs! We even have Renaissance clothing for little Ren fans. Shop Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe Sales & Specials today!

Renaissance Winter

It’s that time of year again where there is a nip in the air. The sparkling white snow is creating a chilly blanket across the fair land. Far and wide the people are donning their woolen coats, hooded capes, fine over gowns, and hooded cloaks. Are you in search of some fine winter garb? Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has exactly what you need!

Have you seen Pearson’s Queen of Shemakhan Wool Coat? With details of Asian Manchoo Costume along with elements of the Balkanian style this is definitely an elegant choice for any authentic LARPer. This is a slim fit coat made of high quality natural wool with a black satin lining. The hood boasts a black faux fur boarder. Intricate ribbon trim accents this winter wonder. Accessories that come with this beautiful floor length coat are a  fur trimmed hat, a fur muff, and a matching wool bag.

Another fabulous option is our Templar Hooded Cape. Whether you are a fine Lord or Knight of the Realm this is the option for you! Made of white cotton with a velvet cross stitched over the left arm. The front is secured with a decorative rondel leather frog with a snap closure. It is 52 inches long and matches our Templar tunic. It also sports a hood to complete the look.

Are you interested in looking royal? Try our Anne Boleyn Overgown, designed for the Anne Boleyn character in the award winning series “The Tudors.” As the second and most famous wife of King Henry VIII this gown is fit for any Queen. A open outer robe made of heavyweight cotton and richly adorned with faux fur with openings at the elbows instead of sleeves for your arms. You’re sure to keep warm in this cuddly overgown on any cold winter day.

Here at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe we have cloaks for every need; from cotton, velvet, twill, wool, leather lined, and fur trimmed we have the hooded cloak that’s right for you. Our Medieval Wool Cloak is a great accessory for just about any attire. Made of heavy natural green wool with a handmade wool border, this warm cloak has no machine stitching at all and is a great authentic option.

Are you looking for a warm winter option to complete your Medieval Costume? Be sure to check out Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe’s great selection of Hooded Capes and Cloaks today!

New Cosplayer Comic Con Tips

So you’re heading to your first comic con, you’ve worked hard on getting your costume together and you’ve perfected your hair and makeup. You’re looking in the mirror wondering what else you should be bringing and how long your line with be for the things you want to see. You’re in luck! You can find a few simple tips to follow for a newbie listed here:

  1. Make sure your footwear is going to be comfortable. There will be hours of standing and walking around the comic con, this is not the time to break in those brand new knee high leather pirate boots. They look awesome but be sure to break them in ahead of time. You don’t want your first comic con tainted with the memory of how sore your feet were at the end of the day.

  2. Bring snacks or something healthy to eat. Most likely there will be food sold at the comic con but it will be of the fast food and greasy unhealthy variety. Not to mention it will be extremely expensive.

  3. Be sure you get in line for what you absolutely have to see as soon as possible. You are going to want to see everything but the vast amount of people that attend comic cons and the size of the halls don’t allow for you to see Every. Single. Thing. Make a list of what your top priorities to see and do are and be sure to get in the queue as soon as possible. They fill up fast and the halls don’t always empty.

  4. Think before you buy. There will be tons of things available to purchase. You may end up wanting every poster of your favorite show but you should definitely consider the price before making a purchase. It could be available online for much less than it’s being offered at the comic con. Also consider if it is something you really want or need. Do you have 20 other posters of the same show rolled up at home that you’re unable to display?

  5. Don’t just go to comic con for the panels. There will be tons to see and lots of new people to meet. You never know, the Sailor Moon standing behind you could live down the hall in your apartment building. The Arwen in front of you could have tons of great advice about cosplaying that you were dying to learn.

  6. Lastly, remember to Keep Calm & Carry On. It will be crowed and probably hot. You may end up frustrated after you have stood in line to meet the Once Upon a Time Cast for two hours in your Elsa dress (that you suddenly wish was something with less fabric like Tarzan.) Just remember it’s hot and crowded for everyone else too and please try to remember to be polite even when everyone else may not be.

Are you heading out to a Comic Convention soon? Be sure to check Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe for all your high quality cosplay costumes. Custom sizing and fitting is available to make sure you look your best!


Pouches & Sporrans

For as long as people have needed to carry things; papers, currency, Bibles, holy relics, keys and any other pertinent personal items, people have needed a way to carry them. A simple pouch was created for this use. The earliest use shows pouches were used to carry seeds. In the 1400s women were known to carry ornate bags called “handmoneys” or “tasques.” Around the 1500s more thought was put into the pouches as evidenced by decoration and utilization. They were commonly associated with marriage; a man would often give a woman a pouch decorated with love stories as a bride gift. Knights would often carry purses called “chaneries” filled with game or food for their falcons. Men and women alike used the pouches, usually worn on a leather strap around the waist. In the late 16th century to early 17th century pockets became popular in clothing and men’s use in the pouch declined. In later years the pouches evolved to handbags, clutches, and purses.

The sporran in particular originated around the 12th century in the Scottish Highlands. The men wore kilts made of long tartan, about two yards wide by four to six yards in length. Gathered around the waist and held with a tight belt, it fell to the knees and was fastened with a broach or pin over the left shoulder. As the tartan held no pockets the sporran was born out of necessity. Early sporrans were simple in design, usually made of leather or skin, gathered at the top with a simple drawstring or by thongs ornamented with small tassels. Starting in the late 17th century metal clasps of brass or silver were fitted to the sporrans, along with flap-tops and large tassels with a variety of hair and furs, and completed with a badgers head. The sporran is still in use today.

If you are going to the Renaissance Faire you don’t want to worry about losing all of your personal items. Why not tuck them away in a Renaissance Belt Pouch? Need a little bit more room than just a belt pouch? Alright then, how about trying one of the Scottish Sporrans? Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has a pouch or sporran for every style from Medieval drawstring pouches, to leather Elven pouch bags, to sporrans with braided tassels, to Pirate pouch bags, and even Medieval bags etched with steel.

So make sure that if you are browsing the marketplace for Renaissance pouches and sporrans that you stop by You will love our wide selection of pouches and sporrans that are sure to keep your personal items nice and safe at Renaissance Faires and LARP events!

Cosplay Costumes

In honor of the cosplay season Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has been expanding our cosplay costume inventory. We currently have several options for men, women, and children. What is cosplay you ask? If you don’t already know of course. Cosplay is similar to LARP (Live Action Role Play) and SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) in that it is a performance art where a specific character or idea is portrayed by a cosplayer who wears costumes and accessories. They sometimes attend Comic Conventions, or a Comic Con, which is an event where creators, experts, fans, and even guest stars amass to attend parties, panels, and join discussions that are all centered on many facets of comics. At several comic cons you are even able to meet the stars of your favorite television shows.

Are you planning to head to a comic con soon? Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has some great costume ideas for cosplayer. Such as our Lord of the Rings Arwen Dress and our Lord of the Rings Aragorn Dark Leather Surcoat.

Pearson’s has recently expanded our cosplay inventory to include Disney cosplay costumes. Some of our selections include Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, The Beast and Belle, Tiana, Frozen, and more! Here at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe we even have cosplay costumes for the smallest cosplayer Wizard or Elsa.

Are you heading out to a Comic Convention soon? Be sure to check Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe for all your high quality cosplay costumes. Custom sizing and fitting is available to make sure you look your best!

Some upcoming Comic Cons:

Florida SuperCon
June 25-28, 2015


San Diego Comic Con International
July 9-12, 2015


Texas Comicon
August 7-9, 2015


New York Comic Con
October 8-11, 2015