Pearson’s Poetry!

Hear ye, Hear ye!

If you are planning on visiting a Renaissance Faire in the near future, wearing a costume can help add to the atmosphere.  Or maybe you are a seasoned veteran who loves to dress up, but you are looking for a different costume to change things up a bit.


Popular roles at a Faire are:





-Tavern Keeps



But there is one role that people sometimes shy away from: The poet. Medieval poets were often great lyricists who penned some of the most beautiful poetry that we read today. If you are looking to meet a lovely lady while at the fair, why not consider wooing her with some vibrant verses? An appropriate costume to go along with this archetype would be this Renaissance cotton poet shirt.


We also wanted to bring up this idea this week because the 22nd of December is National Haiku Day. We thought it might be fun to pair a pop-culture event with some of our Renaissance themes. Therefore, we have tried our hand at some of our own haiku.


“Cunning Rogue”


O’ Wondrous Maiden

Your vast beauty radiates.

Please bring me some ale.


“The Calm Before the Storm”


Rain, nor thunder could

draw the evil Duke from his lair

Churchmen prayed all night.


Can you come up with any? If you can feel free to post them in the comments section!


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