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Renaissance Sales & Specials!


sale-journe-gown-3Have you seen the fabulous sale items at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe? This is a great chance to save on clearance, discontinued, and overstocked items! All items listed are NEW and NEVER worn. This sale is good for the quantities, colors, and sizes listed on the site and only while supplies last so hurry to get your Renaissance deals today!

One of the great options on sale right now from Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe is our elegant Queen Elizabeth Nobility Dress. Inspired by Renaissance Nobility style this one-piece dress closes with laces at the back and is boned to get that perfect silhouette. It sports graceful long hanging arms and is decorated with crystal and feathers. We recommend a hoop skirt for beneath your skirts to achieve the perfect profile.

If you are looking for something versatile to get the most out of your Ren Wear try Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe’s stylish Ren Doublet. This doublet is reversible, made of velveteen with a black twill backing so you can be the dashing nobleman or, with a simple flip of your doublet, a common peasant. Currently available in red or burgundy.

Take advantage of the great price on our Lady of Leeds Gown before they’re gone! This elegant full length gown features drop sleeves with a front split, lined with gold brocade fabric. This gown features an accented square neckline and elbows. Lacing up the back is provided to achieve your shapeliest fit!

Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe currently has several great separates on clearance! Our Charles Vane Pirate Shirt is made of thick rich Viscose fabric with a double ruffle down the chest and wrists fit for any dashing pirate. Our Dagget Sleeve Chemise tops come in several different colors. They’re baggy and versatile to be gathered and worn beneath a bodice, corset, or a waist cincher. They can be worn on or off the shoulders, fitting be ye a sassy wench or fine noble Lady. Our fashionable Maiden Skirts are made of 100% lightweight muslin cotton and are fully lined. These beauties are soft, breathable, and slightly transparent for any fine miss to shine with elegance. Pearson’s Period Cotton Shirts feature a stand up collar with a lace up front. Wide sleeves with an elastic gather at the wrists are roomy for any ample hunter needing room to pull his bow strings taught.

Get all of these fabulous treasures and more at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe Sales & Specials! Are you looking to expand your Renaissance wardrobe? Here at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe we have all the high quality Renaissance clothing, jewelry, and footwear to meet all your needs! We even have Renaissance clothing for little Ren fans. Shop Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe Sales & Specials today!

Medieval Jewelry, the Perfect Accessory!

Are you an authentic LARPer or SCA actor? Then you know it’s important to have a complete costume from your chemise to your corset, right down to your leather boots. Portraying a person of wealth and status? Everyone knows in the medieval times the best way to portray a higher caste without a castle in tow is to flaunt your accessories! Here at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe we have everything to meet your medieval jewelry needs:

Medieval Crowns & Princess Tiaras

Pearson’s has a wide variety of medieval crowns from King Richards Crown to the Crown of Elrond, the White Queen’s Crown, to the embellished Residing Power Crown. Whether you are a Royal King of England, Dazzling Queen of the realm, or the Elven King of a faraway land Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has the right medieval crown for you! Pearson’s also carries many tiaras and circlets from simple and elegant to finely embellished to match any maidens dreams!

Renaissance Necklaces

Considering the necklines of the times the best renaissance jewelry you can get to display your status is a necklace! Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe carries necklaces for everyone. The swashbuckling pirate wouldn’t be complete without our beautiful Pirate Pendant that hosts a hidden blade. Our medieval pear shaped necklace with matching earrings would be perfect for the glamorous Queen. The modest maiden would have a touch of elegance with our Autumn in Red Choker. Let’s not forget the elegant elven damsel who wouldn’t be complete without an Elven Leaf necklace and earring set.

Medieval Earrings and Bracelets

Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has a wide selection of medieval earrings and bracelets for every occasion and style. We even carry elegant armbands, ear hooks, and ear cuffs. If you’re looking for the perfect renaissance jewelry accessory you need look no further than Pearson’s!

LOTR Inspired Circlets & Chainmaile Headpieces

Do you love Lord of the Rings? Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has the perfect medieval jewelryfor you! Our exquisite circlets and headpieces are handcrafted with care! We only use Lobster claw clasps that don’t tangle or pull your hair. Here at Pearson’s we never use acrylic or plastic, only REAL crystals and gemstones! We never substitute a cheap inferior product with all the beautiful cut crystals, gemstones and other beads available. Only the best we are able to obtain will do for these stunning one of a kind creations! No matter what event you attend these authentic looking circlets and headpieces will be the shimmering finish to your garb!

Men’s Medieval Jewelry

Last but not least Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe boasts a wide selection of adornment for a man of any stature be he knight, baron, pirate or king. Choose from Crowns of gold, silver, or brass. Are you a Knight of noble standing? Complete your garb with our knightly chain! Swashbuckling pirate or weaver of magic? Try our finely crafted medieval jewelry to adorn your neck!

At Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe you will find the highest quality Renaissance Jewelry. No matter your needs here at Pearson’s we have the perfect renaissance jewelry and accessories to complete any look! Shop Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe today!

A Renaissance Wedding in the 21st Century

Renaissance wedding holds a certain amount of charm and allure that most modern weddings cannot hold a candle to. The old world style and traditions from many cultures mix and match to make your own special day the most magical. Most weddings today stem from a mix of these traditions from long ago. Perhaps our “something blue” comes from the tradition of the bride and groom wearing a band of blue ribbon, as blue was considered the color of purity and the most common medieval wedding dress color. White did not come into fashion as strict wedding color until Queen Victoria married in 1840.

In actuality it was usually the Lady’s best medieval dress that was worn for her wedding, no matter the color. The bridesmaids and groomsmen would dress similarly to the bride and groom to confuse those who would wish evil upon the happy couple on their wedding day. The veil, brought home to medieval Europe by Knights after the Crusades, was a symbol of purity and also used to ward off evil. If the season allowed, the women would hold a lovely posy which also served a purpose; to ward off the smell as bathing was not a top priority in the Renaissance period.

During the Renaissance the higher caste held their wedding ceremonies in their castles while the lower caste would celebrate in their own homes or the tavern. A handfasted or betrothed couple would have their union later approved by the priest or clergy, either when they went to the church or he stopped by their homeduring his traveling rounds (even then there was a shortage of ordained ministers.)Later in the Middle Ages, when the church reigned, the wedding was moved to the church or the church door and was overseen by the priest. Often weddings would be arranged for personal gain, whether it be property, a title, money, or a treaty. This was especially the case for the nobility.

The best part of Renaissance weddings were the grand feasts that always accompanied them, whether you were peasant or nobility. Everyone would eat with their fingers and dine on a variety of delicious fare. Some of the delights that could have been served at a Renaissance marriage feast were: venison, roasted boar (sanglier), goose, fish, quail, roasted peacock, mutton, cheeses, fresh fruits, nuts, oysters steamed in almond milk, stewed cabbage, custards and tarts, and spicy mulled wine. Many vegetables were known to this time period but few were eaten. Available to drink werewine, ale, beer, mead, milk, and water, to list only a few of the options they had.

Are you looking to celebrate your love in an old fashioned way in a highly technological day? Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe opens the door to high quality renaissance wedding gowns, and even clothing for your wedding party in a variety of renaissance dresses and medieval dresses. Don’t forget your groom and groomsmen. Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has authentic medieval clothing for men, from fine doublets, vests, and coats, all the way down to breeches, kilts, and boots. Don’t forget the little members of your wedding party! Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has a lovely selection of girls medieval dresses and boys medieval clothing as well. Lastly, every bride needs some beautiful medieval jewelry or even a crown.

Medieval Accessories for the Knight in Your Life

There’s nothing quite as hansom as a well-dressed knight in shining armor, don’t you agree? But perhaps the renaissance clothing of the man in your life needs some, well, sprucing up? Have no fear! Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe is here, supplying you the very best in renaissance accessories, fitting every single style. From the stylish man, who adores looking cleaned up in royalty, to the rugged knight, ready to take on the seven seas, Pearson’s is your shop for it all!

For the Royal King: For the royal knight in your life, fashion comes first! For him, Pearson’s has the latest in renaissance accessories suited specifically for adding a touch of royalty. Shop items such as suede bags with brass accents, imperial-styled boots, leather trimmed cloaks and medieval crowns and scepters. These items are all about standing out, showing off one’s wealth, and simply being the King of the land. The key here is the more glimmering gold, the better!

For the Rugged Knight: If the knight in your life is all about excitement and adventure, take a journey through our selection of renaissance accessories perfectly suited for him! He’ll love renaissance accessories such as leather pirate boots, armory belts with brass accents, pirate pouches, and thick woolen leather capes. These items are not only stylish, but also functional, ready to offer protection when slaying dragons, sailing rough waters, or combating other knights.

For the Outdoorsy Noble Peasant: The outdoorsy peasant may not think he is in need of renaissance accessories, but you know that every so often, he deserves some great gifting! Show him your affections by shopping renaissance accessories that are fitting for his outdoor lifestyle. Accessories such as tunics, wrist cuffs, belt pouches and maverick boots are great for this man. They add a touch of style, while remaining useful during his outdoor journeys and adventures.

Spruce up the medieval wardrobe of the king, knight, or noble peasant in your life by shopping renaissance accessories! Here at Pearson’s, we know that every man is a little different. Some like the glimmer or gold, others like the rugged comfort of leather, while others still prefer accessories that are more functional than anything else. Fortunately, we’ve got all that and more and our renaissance accessories will turn any pirate into a prince!

TV’s Medieval Jewelry, Battles, and Fashion

Nowadays, HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones is the toast of the medieval enthusiast world. Featuring great pieces of authentic medieval jewelry and fashion and realistic battles, Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television now. It isn’t, however, the first series to showcase the lush world of the medieval period. Here’s a look back at some medieval shows from TV’s past.

  • ThunderCats (1985) – Sure, this one is a little out of left field, but its combination of science fiction and alternate-history medieval time period has made this cartoon a favorite among medieval fans, many of whom were first exposed to the medieval era through this show.
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995) – This wildly popular show featured Kevin Sorbo as a swashbuckling Hercules. This show also featured Bruce Campbell, already a favorite in the medieval fan community for his role in the film, Army of Darkness. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys led to the equally successful spin-off, Xena: Warrior Princess.
  • The Tudors (2007) – One of the only medieval-set shows without a magical or fantasy component, this show chronicled the reign of King Henry VIII of England. After lasting only four seasons, this show proved to be extremely popular, spawning new interest in historical fiction.
  • Gargoyles (1994) – Another cartoon, this one is particularly notable due to its many Shakespearean themes, complex characters, and Scottish mythology. There aren’t many kids’ shows that can boast that!

What are some of your favorite medieval TV shows? We’d love to hear about them. Let us know in the comment section!

Unique Jewelry Stocking Stuffers for Her – Go Medieval on Christmas!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just over a month away, but I’ve checked my calendar more than once and everything seems to be right! It’s going to be a shorter shopping season this year than last, with less than a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With that in mind I’ve started my own shopping a bit early this year, both online and in stores. And I have to admit – it feels pretty great. As much as I love a large crowd at a Renaissance Faire or concert, they just don’t have the same appeal at the mall!

If your shopping list includes a fan of the Renaissance or Medieval times, consider adding some authentically-inspired pieces of jewelry to their stocking. Whether it be something they can wear every day or as part of a larger costume, they’re sure to appreciate your attention to their style. Here are a few pretty and unique options to consider – all sized just right for Christmas stocking stuffing…

Archeress Earrings – One of the newest additions to our Medieval jewelry lineup, these handmade brass earrings were designed as an element of our Archeress costume. But we think they pair just as perfectly with a wool cardigan, long sleeve tee and jeans!

Poison Ivy Bracelet – Don’t worry – this won’t leave the wearer itchy, and it isn’t contagious. Well, at least not in the medical sense. It does make it very easy to catch a lot of compliments from ladies who want one for themselves!

Medieval Fantasy Necklace – This elegant piece is so very pretty in person, crafted in a soft shade of silver accented with beautiful blue stones. While it can be worn during any season, we think it’s most wonderful for winter. Wear it with a grand Medieval gown, or your favorite, comfy white sweater!

Be sure to browse our full collection of Renaissance and Medieval accessories to find the most fabulous fit for the lady in your present with a passion for the past. We’re always adding new pieces, and hope you love them as much as we do!

Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe Presents: Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Leading Lady!

As February draws near and we all get more accustomed to writing “2013”, there is an unmistakable whisper of love in the air! Yes, Cupid has his arrow poised, and Saint Valentine’s ears are ringing. If you’re lucky enough to be in love, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity not only for chocolate hearts and delicious dinners, but also to simply express your affection for that special someone.

In an ideal world we would let each other know every day exactly how special our relationships are, but in the real world, that doesn’t always happen. Valentine’s Day calls on us to remember that we didn’t just ‘fall together’ by chance – or that even if we did, it is a beautiful bond that keeps us together!

There is no one-size-fits-all perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but we have a few in mind from our selection that we would be happy to receive from our very own Renaissance man! Would any of these appeal to the fabulous lady in your life? Take a peek…

Black Bolero Lace Shrug: This is, in a word, stunning! Bolero shrugs are endlessly useful. I find myself reaching for one time and again to dress up an outfit or pull it together, or keep chills at bay when wearing sleeveless tops and dresses. This black shrug will surely pair with so many pieces already in her closet, and features an enchanting lace accent that is both timelessly pretty and on trend.

3-Row Rhinestone Headband: Whether your favorite fashionable female has long hair or short hair, our triple-row rhinestone headband will make her locks look even more lovely! This style features two eyelets for bobby pins, making it easy to keep in place without worry of slipping. She can wear this with one of her favorite Renaissance looks, or with almost anything in her everyday wardrobe!

Blue Heart Earrings: A truly enchanting work of art, these dazzling dangle earrings catch the light, beautifully enhancing her face with sparkling shine. These are especially fantastic if she loves the look of heart-shaped jewelry, but prefers a less traditional shade than red.

Celebrate Your Style Every Day with Renaissance and Medieval Jewelry

As much as we all may love our under bust corsets, Renaissance boots and Medieval armor, the simple fact of the matter is that for the vast majority of us, none of these are work-appropriate pieces. Ever try to sit at your desk all day in a Leather Lorica Segmentata, or help a patient back into bed while wearing a Medieval gown? I’m telling you, it’s not easy! So what are Renaissance and Medieval-loving guys and gals to do? Sit idly by in khaki pants and button down shirts while there’s a whole different era just begging for a little recognition? Perhaps not!

While wardrobe and/or uniform requirements vary greatly from occupation to occupation, chances are good that many of you reading this work in an environment where accessorizing with Medieval style and Renaissance jewelry would be A-OK. Whether you’re serving up caffeinated smiles at a café, or spend most of your day in front of a computer, choosing accessories that reflect your style and interests can help you express yourself without risking anything ‘over the top’ or distracting. Let’s look at a few pieces that we think would work well in many environments…

Dark Desires Medieval Earrings: An elegant black rose with a sparkling center features a single bead drop to an eye-catching faceted crystal. Paired with a medieval gown these earrings take on a darker vibe, but they can also pair perfectly for work with a black dress or suit, or your favorite solid colored blouse.

Mjollnir Pendant: Hand-crafted from fine English pewter, these high-quality necklaces are a popular choice for their attention to detail and easy wearability. Pair them with a t-shirt, nice sweater or button down – it’s hard to go wrong!

Celtic Knot Locket: This sterling silver locket is truly a beauty to behold! With enchanting Celtic knot work on the front and back, it is accented with a petite purple stone. Tuck a photo or tiny treasure inside and keep it close to your heart always.

Exploring the Beauty of Medieval Chainmaile Jewelry

Renaissance Chainmaile JewelryThere are many intriguing trends in fashion, and jewelry trends are interesting to follow. While it may seem unusual for everyday wear, the reality is that chainmaile pieces are elegant and intricate. Medieval chainmaile jewelry is beautiful for wearing with your medieval costume, whether you are dressing in period wear for a costume ball, or whether you are participating in a SCA event or local Renaissance event. Elaborate choices in chainmaile are exquisite, beautiful accents for your noble dress. Perhaps you will find a piece that will double as a fun accessory for special dress up days at work.

Better yet, finding time to take a class in the construction of medieval chainmaile jewelry will give you a tremendous sense of appreciation for those who craft the exquisite choices you’ve seen online or on display. The style can be delicate and simple, crafted of thin materials and simply constructed. It can also be heavy and big, created to present a sense of grandeur as it is worn for Renaissance events. Exploring the craft of creating such pieces may even lead you to a new side job. Wear your own creations as you sell them at the next Renaissance festival in your area.