Medieval Weddings

The Perfect Fairy Tale Wedding

ujfkufyWhen two people fall in love, it’s a beautiful thing – and you’ll want a wedding that reflects that. The purpose of the wedding ceremony is to put your love on display, and, as often happens with geeky people, their shared interests are often one of the most important pieces of the relationship. Transport your guests to a fairy tale world with medieval attire and décor.


An outdoor setting is a perfect one for a medieval style wedding. Decorate with a floral archway, with rustic wooden benches for the guests. For an added touch, replace the traditional organ music with a lute, or other traditional medieval instruments.

If an indoor setting is more your style or you are marrying in the colder months, a Gothic cathedral with dramatic stained glass windows makes for the perfect medieval wedding venue.


The bride will look stunning in a medieval style wedding dress from Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe. And for her dashing prince charming, there are plenty of wedding-worthy garments to choose from as well. Be sure to make sure your bridal party and minister are outfitted appropriately as well – and see if you can get your friends and family to play along as well!


The décor is the most important way to immerse your guests in the medieval wedding experience. Have the reception at an outdoor pavilion, or find a venue that resembles a mead hall. Serve wine in medieval style goblets, and feast all night long! As an added touch, hire a live band to play traditional medieval music for your guests to dance to.

A medieval style wedding is the perfect event for a geeky couple looking to tie the knot – a truly romantic and entertaining experience for everyone involved!

Medieval and Renaissance Clothing According to European History

bookPearson’ explains and reminds you all about the European history in the middle ages of 500 to 1500 AD and anything that is old or too old that is still accepted in the society till date. It contains medieval costumes and renaissance clothing that are still adored by many people today. The clothing are unique and designed in different ways. Our main aim is to help you create a feeling that will take you back and remember your history in aid of maintaining and commemorating your renaissance era as compared to now.

We have medieval dresses for women and children fit for different occasions, including; dancing, wedding, special visits to the renaissance in commemoration of the European history and even come together wear.

During the renaissance period, people were divided according to classes and there were the nobility that is people of a high class and the poor, low class. The clothing and costumes for these two different classes were designed to look different in order to differentiate the two classes.

We consider style when designing our renaissance clothing and medieval clothing based on these classes that existed among the European leaders and people. Modern people today, feel uncomfortable wearing the renaissance costumes, and our work is to make the costumes better but still to resemble the formal one.

The women’s medieval clothing come in all styles including the types of costume the princess of the country of Europe used to wear. Women buy this in remembrance of this renaissance period. Women’s clothes include medieval skirts, renaissance dresses, waist cinchers and under-bust corset sets, medieval wedding dresses, special order and custom made dresses among the many other types of medieval clothing a woman would love.

Same to the men’s medieval clothing, this site has types of different clothes men need to wear for different occasions, including; Tunics and Gambesons, Doublets, Jerkins and Vests, Men’s Renaissance shirts, Pants, breeches and kilts, coats, tabards and brigadines among many others that men can wear.

Pearsons Renaissance Shoppe also has all types of capes that reminds one of the Renaissance Era. The hooded medieval cloak adds some personality and brings in some kind of mystery to the other outfit you have, be it the gown or the costume you bought. Hooded cloaks for ladies are also available.

This site provide you a stop by opportunity to have a look at our beautiful renaissance costumes and medieval clothing of all kinds. Be it you need renaissance boots for an event, they are available. Men, women and children’s renaissance clothing are assured of getting well-dressed from the head to the bottom.

One should keep in mind that our renaissance costumes and medieval clothing are original and are just designed the same as those of our queens and kings back in the years. Some costumes have been slightly designed different from the formal ones since some people do not feel comfortable wearing the originally designed ones. Now you know and you are now well conversant with what we offer. In case you would love to acquire one, please visit our shop or go to our website to purchase one at a cheap, affordable price.

A Renaissance Wedding in the 21st Century

Renaissance wedding holds a certain amount of charm and allure that most modern weddings cannot hold a candle to. The old world style and traditions from many cultures mix and match to make your own special day the most magical. Most weddings today stem from a mix of these traditions from long ago. Perhaps our “something blue” comes from the tradition of the bride and groom wearing a band of blue ribbon, as blue was considered the color of purity and the most common medieval wedding dress color. White did not come into fashion as strict wedding color until Queen Victoria married in 1840.

In actuality it was usually the Lady’s best medieval dress that was worn for her wedding, no matter the color. The bridesmaids and groomsmen would dress similarly to the bride and groom to confuse those who would wish evil upon the happy couple on their wedding day. The veil, brought home to medieval Europe by Knights after the Crusades, was a symbol of purity and also used to ward off evil. If the season allowed, the women would hold a lovely posy which also served a purpose; to ward off the smell as bathing was not a top priority in the Renaissance period.

During the Renaissance the higher caste held their wedding ceremonies in their castles while the lower caste would celebrate in their own homes or the tavern. A handfasted or betrothed couple would have their union later approved by the priest or clergy, either when they went to the church or he stopped by their homeduring his traveling rounds (even then there was a shortage of ordained ministers.)Later in the Middle Ages, when the church reigned, the wedding was moved to the church or the church door and was overseen by the priest. Often weddings would be arranged for personal gain, whether it be property, a title, money, or a treaty. This was especially the case for the nobility.

The best part of Renaissance weddings were the grand feasts that always accompanied them, whether you were peasant or nobility. Everyone would eat with their fingers and dine on a variety of delicious fare. Some of the delights that could have been served at a Renaissance marriage feast were: venison, roasted boar (sanglier), goose, fish, quail, roasted peacock, mutton, cheeses, fresh fruits, nuts, oysters steamed in almond milk, stewed cabbage, custards and tarts, and spicy mulled wine. Many vegetables were known to this time period but few were eaten. Available to drink werewine, ale, beer, mead, milk, and water, to list only a few of the options they had.

Are you looking to celebrate your love in an old fashioned way in a highly technological day? Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe opens the door to high quality renaissance wedding gowns, and even clothing for your wedding party in a variety of renaissance dresses and medieval dresses. Don’t forget your groom and groomsmen. Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has authentic medieval clothing for men, from fine doublets, vests, and coats, all the way down to breeches, kilts, and boots. Don’t forget the little members of your wedding party! Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has a lovely selection of girls medieval dresses and boys medieval clothing as well. Lastly, every bride needs some beautiful medieval jewelry or even a crown.

Sound the Alarms! A Midsummer Night Wedding Is Approaching!

Ah, there is nothing quite as magical as a midsummer night gathering to join two love birds in their life –long of matrimony! Sound the trumpets for this unforgettable event – a renaissance wedding is one of our favorite of events here at Pearson’s! After being courted by the knight of your dreams, after months of planning your guest list and picking out just the right merriment of food and drink, it’s finally time to look for a renaissance wedding dress, worthy of making you truly the fairest in the land! After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event—you want to be the most desired dutchess, the most beautiful of all maidens, the most royal of ladies, and the most shinning of Queens. Fortunately, here at Pearson’s we have got a wide array of beautiful renaissance wedding dresses to make you feel like all of those things and more!

From Renaissance wedding dresses in traditional shades of white, to the royalty of bright and bold reds and gold, you’re sure to find just the attire fitting for the look and feel of your big event. Whether your wedding is small and intimate or as large and as royal as they come, we’ve got just the renaissance wedding dresses for you and your bridesmaids! You’ll wow the nobleman and be the envy of every lady in the land.  From maiden gowns to Italian Countess dresses and more, you’ll be in awe of our wide assortment of renaissance wedding dresses.

And while you’re in the market amongst our beautiful renaissance wedding dresses, don’t forget about the accessories! Oh, the accessories! They add just the right touch of royalty, just the right amount of sparkle. Add a waist cincher or underpinning to make your renaissance wedding dress truly stand out. And don’t forget to add a touch of gold! Shop an array of fine renaissance jewelry, including necklaces, crowns, earrings and bracelets.

So gather your royal maidens, indulge in a glass of deep red wine, and browse our selection of truly gorgeous renaissance wedding dresses. Together, you’re sure to come across a piece that you truly adore – something that your fair knight will adore just as much!

Renaissance Wedding Dresses for Fairy Tale Day!

Renaissance Wedding Dress

Many women dream of a fairy tale wedding, and few eras are reminiscent of fantasy romance than the Renaissance. Chivalrous men courting ladies in extravagant gowns are among the most popular images in young girls’ story books. Many girls grow up wanting to live a life like those depicted in the pages of the magical tales they read. A wedding is the perfect occasion to live out the fantasy of classic romance: Dressed in one of our period-appropriate Renaissance wedding dresses, you are sure to dazzle your guests and stun your waiting spouse.

Beautiful Renaissance wedding dresses by Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe are made to order. Each one is made from high-quality fabrics and materials just for you. For this reason, it is essential to leave plenty of time for a Renaissance gown to be made and delivered. Typically, this process takes between three and four weeks, including shipping. While many of our dresses fit with a corset bodice, others may need to be further tailored to your body before your big day. Waiting until the last minute can make a stressful disaster from one of the most gorgeous elements of a wedding: Your perfect bridal gown. Eliminate stress by selecting your gown in advance.

Piecing Together The Perfect Medieval Themed Wedding Dress

Medieval Wedding Dresses

Will You Have A Beautiful Medieval Wedding?

Every bride wants her wedding day to be magical, memorable and mind-blowing. What better way to accomplish that goal than to cater to her deep desire for a Medieval themed wedding? Whether you’ ride in to be wed to one another on horseback, or vows will be exchanged on-location at an upcoming Renaissance Faire, one of the most essential items for the bride’s big day will be the dress. Fortunately, with an extensive line of Medieval wedding dresses and dresses for maids of honor and proper attire for the groom and his men, is here to help the wedding planners pull off the event without a hitch!

The secret to success is working closely with the bride-to-be to decide exactly what kind of bridal wear she’s looking for, then to browse through our selection to see which of our Medieval wedding dresses make the cut and which are eliminating from the running. Then, as the wedding dress is selected, the bride and her entourage can work together to select what bridesmaids, the groom, groomsmen and other important personalities will wear to the big event.

Be sure to check out the Medieval Isolde Wedding Dress. Not only is it custom-made, the level of authenticity and craftsmanship is incredible.