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Renaissance Faire Costumes: Stand Out from the Crowd

Catherine of Aragon DressNow I understand! The King and Queen are throwing a summer festival and you want an outfit that you can wear so that you stand out from the crowd. At first I was confused because you came into my shop asking me if I have Renaissance Faire Costumes when you are already wearing that! I wanted to know why you were looking for Renaissance costumes when you could just wear your normal Renaissance clothes. But now I see where you are coming from: You want something special. Very special. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ll take care of you!

Renaissance Dresses

Well if you want Renaissance Faire Costumes that stand out from the normal rabble, then perhaps you should looking into one of my Renaissance Dresses. These dresses are spun from the finest wool, cotton, and silk in the kingdom. You’re also getting them for a steal in comparison to what I had to pay in order to get these materials. You’re lucky I like you! There are all types of dresses to wear as Renaissance Faire costumes, such as our gorgeous German Renaissance Gown, fabulous Florentine Renaissance Gown, and voguish Viking Queen Gown.

Wench Costumes

What’s that now, dearie? You have a Princess friend who actually wants to wear something not so refined? I don’t believe you. What Princess would want to wear Wench Clothing when she could wear one of my majestic gowns? Well, I suppose if you came in here looking for Renaissance faire costumes it isn’t that much of a tall tale. Alright, well in this section of my shop, we have complete sets, bodices, corsets, Medieval skirts, Renaissance chemises, farthingales, and bumrolls. Whatever your friend needs to look the part she likes best.

So whatever type of Renaissance Faire Costumes you need, you’ll be able to find them in my shop. They are also guaranteed to make you stand out from the normal peasantry. If people like what they see, make sure you refer the back to Thank you dear, much appreciated. Have fun at your festival!This splendid Renaissance dress from award-winning series 'The Tudors' (two Emmy awards for Outstanding Costumes, etc.) was designed for the Catherine of Aragon character. This wonderful dress, Catherine of Aragon, was made of heavy dark blue velveteen, faux bead embellish the front part. Faux fur was sewn on the cuffs.

The Truth About Corsets

When we think of corsets we think of the tight, pinching, poking, waist binding garments that we read about in historical romance novels. A garment any forward thinking modern woman would not wear. The truth is, however, that starting in the 16th century when they became popular, corsets were made for the person that was to wear them and them alone. At least up until the Victorian era when “mail order” corsets were created. Pinching was impossible and if they poked it meant that the boning had come loose from the corset. In the beginning corsets were not made to give you a small waist; the fabric would have given out if you had tried to tighten them enough to narrow your figure. They were designed to lift the breasts and create a smooth silhouette beneath clothing. Not until the mid to late 1800s when the metal grommet (1828) and the 2 part metal busk (1829) were created tightening a corset enough to drastically change a person’s figure was practically impossible.

As romance novels lead us to believe a heroine could go without her corset and her gowns will still fit perfectly and one wouldn’t notice her corset was missing until she was touched. The truth is that her gown would not fall correctly. It would even possibly be lumpy in places and, as with forgoing wearing a bra, her breasts would not be held up and would bounce with movement.

While being so uncomfortable as to lack the ability to breathe is untrue, it is a fact that you are unable to take deep breaths while wearing a corset. It is also true that a tightly tied corset can cause weals on the skin, just as a sock might around your ankle. If there was a weight gain or loss the corset would no longer fit properly and cause rubbing or the breasts to slip down in the corset which would be quite uncomfortable. If the corset has shoulder straps the arm movements would be somewhat limited; while our dear heroine would be able to fold her arms across her chest she would be unable to do so tightly. If she is wearing a busk she would be able to bend at the hips but not the waist. The strict rules in past times regarding posture are untrue although the corset does demand and encourage a straight back.

As with most things that go from person to person many things most people believe about corsets are false but they all come from an exaggeration of a truth. When worn properly and with the right fit a corset can be a lovely addition to any Lady or Lord’s Renaissance Garb.

Are you looking to add a corset to your medieval wardrobe? Here at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe we have all the high quality corsets you could ask for to meet your needs! Be sure to shop Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe‘s Corset Collection today! Custom sizing and fitting is available to help you look your best!

Pouches & Sporrans

For as long as people have needed to carry things; papers, currency, Bibles, holy relics, keys and any other pertinent personal items, people have needed a way to carry them. A simple pouch was created for this use. The earliest use shows pouches were used to carry seeds. In the 1400s women were known to carry ornate bags called “handmoneys” or “tasques.” Around the 1500s more thought was put into the pouches as evidenced by decoration and utilization. They were commonly associated with marriage; a man would often give a woman a pouch decorated with love stories as a bride gift. Knights would often carry purses called “chaneries” filled with game or food for their falcons. Men and women alike used the pouches, usually worn on a leather strap around the waist. In the late 16th century to early 17th century pockets became popular in clothing and men’s use in the pouch declined. In later years the pouches evolved to handbags, clutches, and purses.

The sporran in particular originated around the 12th century in the Scottish Highlands. The men wore kilts made of long tartan, about two yards wide by four to six yards in length. Gathered around the waist and held with a tight belt, it fell to the knees and was fastened with a broach or pin over the left shoulder. As the tartan held no pockets the sporran was born out of necessity. Early sporrans were simple in design, usually made of leather or skin, gathered at the top with a simple drawstring or by thongs ornamented with small tassels. Starting in the late 17th century metal clasps of brass or silver were fitted to the sporrans, along with flap-tops and large tassels with a variety of hair and furs, and completed with a badgers head. The sporran is still in use today.

If you are going to the Renaissance Faire you don’t want to worry about losing all of your personal items. Why not tuck them away in a Renaissance Belt Pouch? Need a little bit more room than just a belt pouch? Alright then, how about trying one of the Scottish Sporrans? Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has a pouch or sporran for every style from Medieval drawstring pouches, to leather Elven pouch bags, to sporrans with braided tassels, to Pirate pouch bags, and even Medieval bags etched with steel.

So make sure that if you are browsing the marketplace for Renaissance pouches and sporrans that you stop by You will love our wide selection of pouches and sporrans that are sure to keep your personal items nice and safe at Renaissance Faires and LARP events!

Get Married – The Renaissance Way

Long gone are the days when a traditional wedding was expected every time. Nowadays, people are crafting weddings that accurately reflect their own unique personalities and coming up with some truly original and fun ideas. Many people who are into cosplay and Ren Faires are opting for Renaissance-themed weddings, complete with Renaissance dresses, foods, and music.

Did you know that during the Renaissance period no man was allowed to give his daughter or female relative to any man with the blessing of a priest? There are many more Renaissance customs that seem odd by today’s standards. Since the Catholic Church was the dominant religion of the time, marriages were required by law to be performed by a priest, and even though couples could be separated, divorce was illegal.

Wedding ceremonies were also a bit different. Rings and kisses would be exchanged in front of a priest, but then the couple would have to wait about 40 days before they could have their actual wedding ceremony. The wedding cake we all know and love was also somewhat different during the Renaissance era. Guests would each bring small cakes and stack them on a table. The bride and groom would try to kiss without knocking them over.

Five Family Friendly Faires


Every summer, when your kids get out of school, one of the first questions they ask is, “Where are we going for vacation?” Of course, some of the heavy hitters, like Disney World, might be a little out of your price range. Also, if you are a Renaissance enthusiast, big theme parks aren’t very Ren Faire friendly. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of family friendly Renaissance faires we know you and your family will love! Make sure you browse our collection of kids medieval costumes before you book your trip!

  • Georgia Renaissance Festival – This incredible festival, located in Fairburn, Georgia, is home to an amazing amount of kids-oriented activities, like the Cirque du Todd juggling and balancing show, the Barely Balanced acrobats, and a children’s play area of rides and games. Hurry – this one ends June 8!
  • Bristol Renaissance Faire – Centered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this faire imagines a summer day in 1574 when Queen Elizabeth visits the town of Bristol. This huge festival (16 stages of entertainment!) features magic shows, storytelling, toy ship sailings, and Bristol’s Kids Kingdom. This faire runs from July 5 to September 1.
  • New York Renaissance Faire – This stunningly accurate 16th century Renaissance Faire takes place in the Hudson Valley. Kids can be involved in the Questing Kids day-long interactive adventure and the Enchanted Forest, which features a fairy coven. Runs from August 2 to September 21.
  • Minnesota Renaissance Festival – One of the oldest (44 years!) and one of the best, this Shakopee, Minnesota Renaissance Faire has something for everyone – especially kids! Kids can make their own fairy wands and pirate hats, learn how to juggle, or even visit the reptile petting zoo. This faire lasts from August 16 to September 28.
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival – This fantastic festival, located in Annapolis, Maryland, has been recreating a Renaissance Village called Revel Grove for over 30 years. Kids can enter free during their Children’s Weekend (August 23-24) and can participate in a variety of shows. The full festival runs from August 23 to October 19.

Renaissance Wear in the News

At, we try to keep our fans and customers up to date on all things Renaissance wear. Every so often, a truly great news story comes along about the clothes or time period of the Renaissance. Here are some of our favorite recent stories!Rothschild Prayerbook

  • A Renaissance-era prayer book was recently sold for a cool $13.4 million at Christie’s London. This prayer book, commissioned around 1505 by a member of the imperial court of the Netherlands, was acquired by the Rothschild family collection in the 19th century. Beautifully illustrated, it is considered one of the highest achievements of Flemish Renaissance painting.
  • A Renaissance Faire reality show? It seems it is coming soon. According to, BBC America is currently looking for Ren Faire enthusiasts to participate in a show described as, “Survivor meets 1890 House, with a touch of Game of Thrones tossed in.” Well, hopefully, people won’t be experiencing a Red Wedding of their own.
  • This Medieval Joker armor costume made quite a splash online recently. Both incredibly cool and unspeakably terrifying, this costume, inspired by the famous Batman villain, will surely give anyone at a Ren Faire nightmares.
  • As scientists try to figure how to successfully traverse the surface of Mars, one scientist has designed a space suit, inspired by medieval armor. “Mars is totally unforgiving and we must never forget that,” says Dr. Gernot Groomer. Understatement of the year?

Have you heard or read any stories about Renaissance wear? Let us know in the comments!

Unique Jewelry Stocking Stuffers for Her – Go Medieval on Christmas!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just over a month away, but I’ve checked my calendar more than once and everything seems to be right! It’s going to be a shorter shopping season this year than last, with less than a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With that in mind I’ve started my own shopping a bit early this year, both online and in stores. And I have to admit – it feels pretty great. As much as I love a large crowd at a Renaissance Faire or concert, they just don’t have the same appeal at the mall!

If your shopping list includes a fan of the Renaissance or Medieval times, consider adding some authentically-inspired pieces of jewelry to their stocking. Whether it be something they can wear every day or as part of a larger costume, they’re sure to appreciate your attention to their style. Here are a few pretty and unique options to consider – all sized just right for Christmas stocking stuffing…

Archeress Earrings – One of the newest additions to our Medieval jewelry lineup, these handmade brass earrings were designed as an element of our Archeress costume. But we think they pair just as perfectly with a wool cardigan, long sleeve tee and jeans!

Poison Ivy Bracelet – Don’t worry – this won’t leave the wearer itchy, and it isn’t contagious. Well, at least not in the medical sense. It does make it very easy to catch a lot of compliments from ladies who want one for themselves!

Medieval Fantasy Necklace – This elegant piece is so very pretty in person, crafted in a soft shade of silver accented with beautiful blue stones. While it can be worn during any season, we think it’s most wonderful for winter. Wear it with a grand Medieval gown, or your favorite, comfy white sweater!

Be sure to browse our full collection of Renaissance and Medieval accessories to find the most fabulous fit for the lady in your present with a passion for the past. We’re always adding new pieces, and hope you love them as much as we do!

Sporrans and Belt Pouches as an Everyday Accessory? We Do Declare!

Sometimes when you spend a lot of time around certain people, in a certain space, or around a certain product lineup, it can be tricky to see things in a new way through fresh eyes. Oftentimes it takes someone on the outside pointing something out for us to snap out of our ‘daily daze’. The perfect example? I never really noticed how messy my desk was until a friend stopped over and was like, “Whoa! How do you get anything done at that desk?!” Suddenly, it was like I truly saw my desk clearly for the first time in months. And… she was exactly right. My desk was shockingly messy! That’s not to say I tidied it up completely, but it was refreshing to have an outside perspective on a space I occupy every day and don’t pay much mind to.

Fast-forward a few weeks and that same friend came by my office for a visit. When she peeked at my computer screen, I had our Renaissance belt pouches page pulled up. And, truth be told, I was a bit surprised when she said, “Those are super cute, maybe I’ll get one,” pointing to our Courtier’s belt pouch. She is appreciative of many of the items on our site, but is not one of my ‘Ren Friends’ as I affectionately call them. In short, she thinks a lot of Renaissance and Medieval garments are attractive, but she doesn’t attend festivals or really ‘get into the Renaissance’ so to speak.

I was a bit perplexed by her interest in the belt pouch, until she explained that it would make a stylish weekend bag that was on trend and fashionably functional. She could run errands, take the dogs for a walk, and do a little shopping while keeping her essentials at her hip and her hands free. Genius! But, of course, I didn’t think of it because I look at those pouches every day the same way. Suddenly it was like a light bulb went off, and I liked having it lit.

While some people have a defined style, I tend to simply buy what I like. If it happens to be considered preppy, sporty, hipster-ish, or hippie-ish, so be it. I like it, and that’s all that matters to me! But truth be told, as much as I love my leather belt pouches, I hadn’t thought to take them beyond the realm of my Ren life. Until now, that is. And as cute as it looks with my outfit, I have to admit it felt a little strange to put a lip gloss and hand cream inside this morning. I don’t think those were very popular during the Renaissance! 😉

If you have a leather belt pouch as well, consider whether it will work with your everyday wardrobe. Multi-tasking accessories make life more fun and affordable!