Renaissance Children Costumes

First Time Rennie?

If you are visiting, odds are that you are a Medieval or Renaissance enthusiast. Perhaps you are even involved with reenactments, festivals, or Renaissance faires.

Although it is not required, it usually makes for a better time and atmosphere if you are in costume. Renaissance faires are one of the few places that you can always be in costume and it is socially acceptable.

However, there are some people who are timid when it comes to attending a Renaissance faire, and even more so when considering whether or not they want to wear a costume. They are not sure where to find a costume, or what kind of costume they would like.

Well now you don’t have to worry anymore. At we have a large selection of high quality costuming that will make you look like you’ve been going Renaissance faires for years. There are costumes for all types of character concepts for both men and women. The outfits are all handmade and are sure to last. So make sure that check out all of the possibilities that we have on our site.

Tell us about your favorite costumes, or about your Renaissance faire persona in the comments!

Medieval and Renaissance Clothing According to European History

bookPearson’ explains and reminds you all about the European history in the middle ages of 500 to 1500 AD and anything that is old or too old that is still accepted in the society till date. It contains medieval costumes and renaissance clothing that are still adored by many people today. The clothing are unique and designed in different ways. Our main aim is to help you create a feeling that will take you back and remember your history in aid of maintaining and commemorating your renaissance era as compared to now.

We have medieval dresses for women and children fit for different occasions, including; dancing, wedding, special visits to the renaissance in commemoration of the European history and even come together wear.

During the renaissance period, people were divided according to classes and there were the nobility that is people of a high class and the poor, low class. The clothing and costumes for these two different classes were designed to look different in order to differentiate the two classes.

We consider style when designing our renaissance clothing and medieval clothing based on these classes that existed among the European leaders and people. Modern people today, feel uncomfortable wearing the renaissance costumes, and our work is to make the costumes better but still to resemble the formal one.

The women’s medieval clothing come in all styles including the types of costume the princess of the country of Europe used to wear. Women buy this in remembrance of this renaissance period. Women’s clothes include medieval skirts, renaissance dresses, waist cinchers and under-bust corset sets, medieval wedding dresses, special order and custom made dresses among the many other types of medieval clothing a woman would love.

Same to the men’s medieval clothing, this site has types of different clothes men need to wear for different occasions, including; Tunics and Gambesons, Doublets, Jerkins and Vests, Men’s Renaissance shirts, Pants, breeches and kilts, coats, tabards and brigadines among many others that men can wear.

Pearsons Renaissance Shoppe also has all types of capes that reminds one of the Renaissance Era. The hooded medieval cloak adds some personality and brings in some kind of mystery to the other outfit you have, be it the gown or the costume you bought. Hooded cloaks for ladies are also available.

This site provide you a stop by opportunity to have a look at our beautiful renaissance costumes and medieval clothing of all kinds. Be it you need renaissance boots for an event, they are available. Men, women and children’s renaissance clothing are assured of getting well-dressed from the head to the bottom.

One should keep in mind that our renaissance costumes and medieval clothing are original and are just designed the same as those of our queens and kings back in the years. Some costumes have been slightly designed different from the formal ones since some people do not feel comfortable wearing the originally designed ones. Now you know and you are now well conversant with what we offer. In case you would love to acquire one, please visit our shop or go to our website to purchase one at a cheap, affordable price.

Five Family Friendly Faires


Every summer, when your kids get out of school, one of the first questions they ask is, “Where are we going for vacation?” Of course, some of the heavy hitters, like Disney World, might be a little out of your price range. Also, if you are a Renaissance enthusiast, big theme parks aren’t very Ren Faire friendly. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of family friendly Renaissance faires we know you and your family will love! Make sure you browse our collection of kids medieval costumes before you book your trip!

  • Georgia Renaissance Festival – This incredible festival, located in Fairburn, Georgia, is home to an amazing amount of kids-oriented activities, like the Cirque du Todd juggling and balancing show, the Barely Balanced acrobats, and a children’s play area of rides and games. Hurry – this one ends June 8!
  • Bristol Renaissance Faire – Centered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this faire imagines a summer day in 1574 when Queen Elizabeth visits the town of Bristol. This huge festival (16 stages of entertainment!) features magic shows, storytelling, toy ship sailings, and Bristol’s Kids Kingdom. This faire runs from July 5 to September 1.
  • New York Renaissance Faire – This stunningly accurate 16th century Renaissance Faire takes place in the Hudson Valley. Kids can be involved in the Questing Kids day-long interactive adventure and the Enchanted Forest, which features a fairy coven. Runs from August 2 to September 21.
  • Minnesota Renaissance Festival – One of the oldest (44 years!) and one of the best, this Shakopee, Minnesota Renaissance Faire has something for everyone – especially kids! Kids can make their own fairy wands and pirate hats, learn how to juggle, or even visit the reptile petting zoo. This faire lasts from August 16 to September 28.
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival – This fantastic festival, located in Annapolis, Maryland, has been recreating a Renaissance Village called Revel Grove for over 30 years. Kids can enter free during their Children’s Weekend (August 23-24) and can participate in a variety of shows. The full festival runs from August 23 to October 19.

Girls’ Princess Costumes Make Your Little One Royal

She’s read about them in her storybooks and seen them in movies. Your little girl is your princess, so why not let her dress as one? Our girls’ princess costumes are high quality and yet affordable enough to make a great present for any little lady!

With gowns made from satin, velvet, and gold or silver mesh, your young princess will be sure to get all the attention that she craves from her family and friends. Puffed up sleeves and a long skirt make your little one into the heir to a medieval throne. And the metallic trim lets you know she’s royalty in the making.

We offer a variety of children’s princess costumes, from the iconic pointed hat and lilac gown, to the airy princess organza dress that’s ideal for shimmering in the warm weather. We also have the accessories that every little princess needs, including tiaras, butterfly halos, glitter wings, and capes.

While princess costumes may excite many girls, others have different tastes. Our children’s tartan dresses, gowns, bodices, robes, fairy costumes, and more ensure that your little girl will find the clothing for the character she most wants to play. Whether she prefers Maid Marian, Rapunzel, or Lady Guinevere, our girls’ princess costumes unlock the imagination of little girls and warm the hearts of their families.

From the Screen to the Backyard: Get Your Kids Off the Couch with LARPing!

If you are like most modern day parents, you often find yourself in a conundrum over how much time your kids spend playing video games, computer games, and even games on their phones. It’s simple for an outsider to say, ‘Take them away!’, or ‘Limit them to 30 minutes a day!’, but taking them away and placing strict limits are often easier said than done. For one, you might be an avid gamer yourself. Telling your kids not to do something that you do can end in a yelling match for sure! For another, denying our children of something they enjoy isn’t at the top of the list of fun things about being a parent.

Sometimes the hours of ‘screen time’ kids clock can slip to the bottom of our list of worries given all the other important things we have to keep on top of. But, we have a silver lining to the cloud of turning off the games! And it’s as good for you as it is for your children.

Now that most of us will be savoring an extra hour of daylight it is easier than ever to plan outdoor family activities for the evenings. The days will be growing continually longer, and the weather continually milder, and that gives us an awesome opportunity to give electronics a rest while we head outside.

If you don’t have a backyard at home, you can always pack the family up for a trip to the park or even a nearby field. As for what to do once you’re there? Act out your favorite video games, computer games, and phone games, of course! Yes, the family that LARPs together creates some wonderful memories together. Just be sure to keep things safe and fun, and incorporate the interests of all your children. If that means you’ll be holding a Sesame Street LARP once in awhile, or a LARP that reflects characters from their favorite book or story, so be it! When the kiddos are smiling, it’s hard not to smile right along with them.

In addition to getting your kids and yourself away from the glare of the screen for a bit, having fun together as a family can also bring health benefits. You’ll be moving around, laughing, and breathing fresh air. Undistracted by constant messages from other users in a game, you can clear your mind and hit the virtual ‘refresh’ button in your brain. You’ll be making memories together, exercising together, learning more about one another, and reinforcing the importance of relying on one another and enjoying each other’s company.

Without actually saying so, you’ll be teaching your kids that in addition to being a parent – a parent who sometimes has to reprimand them, place limits on them, and give them rules – you are also someone who think they’re pretty cool, and you choose to spend your down time with them. This can help a child’s self-esteem immeasurably, and help foster a closer relationship that will carry through not only their youth and teen years, but also adulthood. And if you need some LARP costumes to make the games extra special, you know we just might have a few! 😉

Children’s Renaissance Costumes Add to the Fun of the Faire

Renaissance Princess Dress

There is a wonderful element of charm in visiting a Renaissance Faire, and the fascination that you have with the theme of such an environment will be enhanced when you take it in with your kids. Children see things so differently, and your passion for medieval themes may actually pale in comparison to the excitement you will see in your children as they explore the event. Taking in jousting matches, seeing ladies dressed in fancy clothing and finding fun crafts that represent the theme will be all the more fun if they attend in childrens Renaissance costumes.

Your youngsters may love the opportunity to imagine themselves as knights or swordsmen. They may want to act out favorite tales as they wear their medieval garb. Your daughters may thrill to dress as princesses, and you can attend as a queen or as a lady in waiting, whichever best suits your sense of humor and fun. If your youngsters love childhood stories of buccaneers, then medieval pirate gear is perfect for allowing them to fan their imaginations into a flame of excitement throughout the faire. Childrens Renaissance costumes are great for fueling creative thought and providing impromptu acting opportunities throughout the year.