Renaissance Faires

First Time Rennie?

If you are visiting, odds are that you are a Medieval or Renaissance enthusiast. Perhaps you are even involved with reenactments, festivals, or Renaissance faires.

Although it is not required, it usually makes for a better time and atmosphere if you are in costume. Renaissance faires are one of the few places that you can always be in costume and it is socially acceptable.

However, there are some people who are timid when it comes to attending a Renaissance faire, and even more so when considering whether or not they want to wear a costume. They are not sure where to find a costume, or what kind of costume they would like.

Well now you don’t have to worry anymore. At we have a large selection of high quality costuming that will make you look like you’ve been going Renaissance faires for years. There are costumes for all types of character concepts for both men and women. The outfits are all handmade and are sure to last. So make sure that check out all of the possibilities that we have on our site.

Tell us about your favorite costumes, or about your Renaissance faire persona in the comments!

Renaissance Faire Costumes: Stand Out from the Crowd

Catherine of Aragon DressNow I understand! The King and Queen are throwing a summer festival and you want an outfit that you can wear so that you stand out from the crowd. At first I was confused because you came into my shop asking me if I have Renaissance Faire Costumes when you are already wearing that! I wanted to know why you were looking for Renaissance costumes when you could just wear your normal Renaissance clothes. But now I see where you are coming from: You want something special. Very special. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ll take care of you!

Renaissance Dresses

Well if you want Renaissance Faire Costumes that stand out from the normal rabble, then perhaps you should looking into one of my Renaissance Dresses. These dresses are spun from the finest wool, cotton, and silk in the kingdom. You’re also getting them for a steal in comparison to what I had to pay in order to get these materials. You’re lucky I like you! There are all types of dresses to wear as Renaissance Faire costumes, such as our gorgeous German Renaissance Gown, fabulous Florentine Renaissance Gown, and voguish Viking Queen Gown.

Wench Costumes

What’s that now, dearie? You have a Princess friend who actually wants to wear something not so refined? I don’t believe you. What Princess would want to wear Wench Clothing when she could wear one of my majestic gowns? Well, I suppose if you came in here looking for Renaissance faire costumes it isn’t that much of a tall tale. Alright, well in this section of my shop, we have complete sets, bodices, corsets, Medieval skirts, Renaissance chemises, farthingales, and bumrolls. Whatever your friend needs to look the part she likes best.

So whatever type of Renaissance Faire Costumes you need, you’ll be able to find them in my shop. They are also guaranteed to make you stand out from the normal peasantry. If people like what they see, make sure you refer the back to Thank you dear, much appreciated. Have fun at your festival!This splendid Renaissance dress from award-winning series 'The Tudors' (two Emmy awards for Outstanding Costumes, etc.) was designed for the Catherine of Aragon character. This wonderful dress, Catherine of Aragon, was made of heavy dark blue velveteen, faux bead embellish the front part. Faux fur was sewn on the cuffs.

Medieval and Renaissance Clothing According to European History

bookPearson’ explains and reminds you all about the European history in the middle ages of 500 to 1500 AD and anything that is old or too old that is still accepted in the society till date. It contains medieval costumes and renaissance clothing that are still adored by many people today. The clothing are unique and designed in different ways. Our main aim is to help you create a feeling that will take you back and remember your history in aid of maintaining and commemorating your renaissance era as compared to now.

We have medieval dresses for women and children fit for different occasions, including; dancing, wedding, special visits to the renaissance in commemoration of the European history and even come together wear.

During the renaissance period, people were divided according to classes and there were the nobility that is people of a high class and the poor, low class. The clothing and costumes for these two different classes were designed to look different in order to differentiate the two classes.

We consider style when designing our renaissance clothing and medieval clothing based on these classes that existed among the European leaders and people. Modern people today, feel uncomfortable wearing the renaissance costumes, and our work is to make the costumes better but still to resemble the formal one.

The women’s medieval clothing come in all styles including the types of costume the princess of the country of Europe used to wear. Women buy this in remembrance of this renaissance period. Women’s clothes include medieval skirts, renaissance dresses, waist cinchers and under-bust corset sets, medieval wedding dresses, special order and custom made dresses among the many other types of medieval clothing a woman would love.

Same to the men’s medieval clothing, this site has types of different clothes men need to wear for different occasions, including; Tunics and Gambesons, Doublets, Jerkins and Vests, Men’s Renaissance shirts, Pants, breeches and kilts, coats, tabards and brigadines among many others that men can wear.

Pearsons Renaissance Shoppe also has all types of capes that reminds one of the Renaissance Era. The hooded medieval cloak adds some personality and brings in some kind of mystery to the other outfit you have, be it the gown or the costume you bought. Hooded cloaks for ladies are also available.

This site provide you a stop by opportunity to have a look at our beautiful renaissance costumes and medieval clothing of all kinds. Be it you need renaissance boots for an event, they are available. Men, women and children’s renaissance clothing are assured of getting well-dressed from the head to the bottom.

One should keep in mind that our renaissance costumes and medieval clothing are original and are just designed the same as those of our queens and kings back in the years. Some costumes have been slightly designed different from the formal ones since some people do not feel comfortable wearing the originally designed ones. Now you know and you are now well conversant with what we offer. In case you would love to acquire one, please visit our shop or go to our website to purchase one at a cheap, affordable price.

Shire of Three Maples

On May 16, 2015 we attended the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire in Kingston, NH, bedecked in finery from Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe . There we strolled along the lanes of the Shire of Three Maples entrenched in a world where you leave the 21st Century behind and become a part of history in the remaking. Here you will find technology left behind and tents and chivalry risen. Flowing skirts and armored knights abound, fair peddlers selling their wares, swords and pouches attached to peoples sides instead of cell phones.

Among the many to attend the Faire were wenches with flowing skirts and low cut chemises, corsets displaying assets. Brave knights bedecked in shining silver armor, bowing with flourish to Lady’s and children alike. Fair maidens, archers, and elves, courtly Lord’s bending a knee in hello. The King and Queen also made an appearance. My personal favorite was the guardsman at the entrance, flourishing his feathered hat in greeting, saying “Good Morrow” with a big smile and a cheery wave.

We attended a Joust to see the brave knights atop huge steeds brandishing their lances and charging to clash in the middle. Armored from head to toe in shining steel they bravely met upon the field, lance tips flying as they shattered off each others shields. Holding no ill will against each other they smiled and shared words with the crowd, even allowing the smallest Faire attendees to pet their steeds.

Some other entertainment that we saw was Archery, Storytelling, Singing Pirates, Sword fighting, Belly Dancing, Bagpipes and more. At several points among the Shire were areas where you could take a turn at shooting an arrow from a bow yourself, or sword fighting with a pirate. We bought a rose from a flower peddler and she serenaded us with a sweet lilting voice as she bestowed us with a sweet smelling rose.

The Shire of Three Maples was also home to some amazing food. Sweets and Turkey Legs were available of course, but some more modern meals were also procurable: hot dogs, sausage subs with onions and pepper, kettle corn, and even deep fried Oreos. We tried the Wood-fired Pizza (courtesy of Stone Oven Catering) and it was melt in your mouth amazing.

At the end of the day, happy and leg sore, we headed back to the gates where the guardsman saw us off with a joke and a grin and we reentered the 21st century once again. The Shire hosts one of the smaller Renaissance Faire’s around but we will definitely be returning to the quaint mischievous atmosphere next year.


4 Tips for Attending Your First Renaissance Faire

Spring is here and that means that it’s Renaissance festival season! If you’ve never been to one before, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help enhance your enjoyment of the festivities:

1. Dress the Part

Attending a Renaissance faire in costume truly makes you feel like you’re a part of the event itself, not just a bystander. You can find costumes for just about every inclination — from nobility to pirates — online. Even just one piece of period clothing such as a hat or shirt will make a big difference.

2. Expect to See Some Skin

While browsing the Internet in search of your own costume you may have noticed some of the options are less modest than others. There is an extremely broad range of styles of clothing worn to Renaissance festivals and many of those do expose a lot of cleavage. These events are generally family-friendly, however, be prepared for ample bosoms to be on display.

3. Be Prepared for Some Bawdy Behavior

Again, your average Renaissance fair is somewhere you can take the kids. That being said, keep in mind that entertainment at these events often involves double entendres, which are delivered with a wink and a nod. The youngest family members won’t get it but the adolescents might. Consider it a teachable moment.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Take in the Sights — And Smells

In addition to seeing things you probably haven’t seen before, you will also smell things you’ve never smelled before. Not all of them will be pleasant but they will be real. For instance, it’s common for costumed fish mongers to wander the fair with their not-so-freshly-caught wares on display.

These tips will help you get into the spirit! After all, where else can you, “Eat, drink, and be merry!” with knights, dragons, wandering musicians, and of course, the Queen?


Delicious Non-Alcoholic Renaissance Drinks Part 2

As we continue our series about non-alcoholic Renaissance drinks, we’re going to talk about some of the more ornate drinks. These drinks might be a little harder to replicate today, but with a little imagination and ingenuity, you can probably come up with a delicious recipe using today’s ingredients. When you are wearing authentic Renaissance period clothes, you will certainly complete the look with beverage that comes as close to what people actually drank back then. If you come up with any great recipes, or if you find any more Renaissance drinks, let us know in the comments section. Who knows – maybe we’ll have a Part 3, featuring your ideas!

  • Sekanjabin is a very exotic-sounding drink and it was made using a variety of sweet vinegar and sugar. We’ve never tried it, and although vinegar and sugar does not sound all that appetizing, it was quite popular during the Renaissance.
  • Honey has been a wonderful beverage ingredient for so many years, it seems! During the Renaissance, there was no shortage of honey in drinks. One of the most popular drinks to use honey was called Clarea of Water. This drink was a mixture of water, honey, and various types of spices, depending on what was local. The ingredients were mixed together and boiled. The drink would be cooled before it was served.
  • We thought we’d conclude our series with a quick and easy recipe for a drink that is just as popular now as it was back then: Rose/Lavender soda! This recipe comes from a cookbook dating back to around 1400:
    • 1 part rose/lavender petals
    • 2 parts water
    • 2 parts sugar/honey
    • Soak a number of petals in a pitcher of water holding twice as much water as petals for one night. Press, but not squeeze, the water from the petals and reuse them as needed. Mix into the water enough honey or sugar as to taste, and serve cold.

Delicious Non-Alcoholic Renaissance Drinks Part 1

Visit any Renaissance Faire and you will see a huge assortment of delicious Renaissance fashion drinks. From mulled wine to mead, there are plenty of tasty drinks that are great representations of what people in the Renaissance era drank. But suppose you don’t drink alcoholic beverages? It may seem like all you hear about is drinks with alcohol, but there were plenty of non-alcoholic drinks consumed during the Renaissance – some of them are still available today! Here are some of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks from this great time period!

  • While there may have been a strict class system during the Renaissance, one thing was for sure: people of all classes enjoyed milk! Milk was accessible to everyone, and it came from goats, cows, and mares.
  • An interesting brew that can be replicated today was sage water. Sage water was made by soaking sage in water overnight. This brew was used to cleanse the palette during meals.
  • We’ve all had a tasty Shirley Temple at some point. The grenadine-and-ginger ale combination is one of the best drinks around! Of course, people in the Renaissance era didn’t have Shirley Temples per se, but they had their own version of grenadine, called granatus. Granatus, like grenadine, was made using pomegranates and was most popular in Arabic countries.

Five Family Friendly Faires


Every summer, when your kids get out of school, one of the first questions they ask is, “Where are we going for vacation?” Of course, some of the heavy hitters, like Disney World, might be a little out of your price range. Also, if you are a Renaissance enthusiast, big theme parks aren’t very Ren Faire friendly. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of family friendly Renaissance faires we know you and your family will love! Make sure you browse our collection of kids medieval costumes before you book your trip!

  • Georgia Renaissance Festival – This incredible festival, located in Fairburn, Georgia, is home to an amazing amount of kids-oriented activities, like the Cirque du Todd juggling and balancing show, the Barely Balanced acrobats, and a children’s play area of rides and games. Hurry – this one ends June 8!
  • Bristol Renaissance Faire – Centered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this faire imagines a summer day in 1574 when Queen Elizabeth visits the town of Bristol. This huge festival (16 stages of entertainment!) features magic shows, storytelling, toy ship sailings, and Bristol’s Kids Kingdom. This faire runs from July 5 to September 1.
  • New York Renaissance Faire – This stunningly accurate 16th century Renaissance Faire takes place in the Hudson Valley. Kids can be involved in the Questing Kids day-long interactive adventure and the Enchanted Forest, which features a fairy coven. Runs from August 2 to September 21.
  • Minnesota Renaissance Festival – One of the oldest (44 years!) and one of the best, this Shakopee, Minnesota Renaissance Faire has something for everyone – especially kids! Kids can make their own fairy wands and pirate hats, learn how to juggle, or even visit the reptile petting zoo. This faire lasts from August 16 to September 28.
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival – This fantastic festival, located in Annapolis, Maryland, has been recreating a Renaissance Village called Revel Grove for over 30 years. Kids can enter free during their Children’s Weekend (August 23-24) and can participate in a variety of shows. The full festival runs from August 23 to October 19.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Renaissance Faires on the Horizon!

It’s been a little while since we last put together a lineup of some upcoming Renaissance Faires across the country, and we thought there was no time like the present to correct that! If there are any Faires we missed, please be sure to share them with everyone on the Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe Facebook page, or in the comments. And if you’ve been to or will be going to any faires soon, we’d love to hear all about it as well!

The Utah Valley Renaissance Faire

This Renaissance Faire is just a day away, and will be held at Thanksgiving Point!
September 27th and 28th, 2013
10am – 9pm
Discounted ticket price if you buy your ticket at the door in costume!

Northern California Renaissance Faire

Each weekend has a different theme!
Weekends, September 14th – October 13th, 2013
10am – 6pm
This weekend is Pirate Invasion Weekend – arrr you gonna be there?

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

35 acres are turned into a fantasy village!
Running weekends through October 27th, 2013
11am – 8pm
More than 90 stage shows daily, and 22 Royal Kitchens! Did someone say food, fun and dance?

Connecticut Renaissance Festival

New Theme, Look and Location!
Running weekends through October 20th, 2013 (plus Columbus Day)
10:30am – 6pm
This weekend is Pet Weekend – take your favorite furry, feathered or scaly friend with you back in time! There’s even going to be a “Smooch a Pooch” Kissing Booth where you can stop by for puppy kisses.

Renaissance Faires Across the Country – Here’s a Few to Check Out!

As the wonderful, warm days of spring become an everyday thing, many Renaissance Faires across the country are opening their gates to the past, or getting ready for their fall faire. Performers and faire-goers alike are preparing their costumes and clearing their calendars for fabulous food, fun and frivolity. But where are these faires, exactly? That’s what we set out to find with a little help from Twitter and Google! Below are a handful of Renaissance Faires going on now, coming up soon, or accepting applications for vendors. We hope some of you get the chance to check them out! Be sure to give us the scoop if you do – either in the comments, or on Pearson’s Twitter or Facebook. 🙂

Texarkana Renaissance Faire – Texarkana, AR
Check out their site:
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This Faire will run from October 4-6, 2013, but they’re booking entertainment and vendors now!

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire – Irwindale, CA
Check out their site:
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This Faire runs from April 6 – May 19, 2013!

Scarborough Renaissance Festival – Waxahachie, TX
Check out their site:
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This Renaissance Festival runs from April 6 – May 27, 2013!

The Georgia Renaissance Festival – Fairburn, GA
Check out their site:
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This Renaissance Festival runs from April 13 – June 2, 2013!

Do you know of a Renaissance Faire going on now or coming up that we missed? Please share in the comments!