Shire of Three Maples

On May 16, 2015 we attended the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire in Kingston, NH, bedecked in finery from Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe . There we strolled along the lanes of the Shire of Three Maples entrenched in a world where you leave the 21st Century behind and become a part of history in the remaking. Here you will find technology left behind and tents and chivalry risen. Flowing skirts and armored knights abound, fair peddlers selling their wares, swords and pouches attached to peoples sides instead of cell phones.

Among the many to attend the Faire were wenches with flowing skirts and low cut chemises, corsets displaying assets. Brave knights bedecked in shining silver armor, bowing with flourish to Lady’s and children alike. Fair maidens, archers, and elves, courtly Lord’s bending a knee in hello. The King and Queen also made an appearance. My personal favorite was the guardsman at the entrance, flourishing his feathered hat in greeting, saying “Good Morrow” with a big smile and a cheery wave.

We attended a Joust to see the brave knights atop huge steeds brandishing their lances and charging to clash in the middle. Armored from head to toe in shining steel they bravely met upon the field, lance tips flying as they shattered off each others shields. Holding no ill will against each other they smiled and shared words with the crowd, even allowing the smallest Faire attendees to pet their steeds.

Some other entertainment that we saw was Archery, Storytelling, Singing Pirates, Sword fighting, Belly Dancing, Bagpipes and more. At several points among the Shire were areas where you could take a turn at shooting an arrow from a bow yourself, or sword fighting with a pirate. We bought a rose from a flower peddler and she serenaded us with a sweet lilting voice as she bestowed us with a sweet smelling rose.

The Shire of Three Maples was also home to some amazing food. Sweets and Turkey Legs were available of course, but some more modern meals were also procurable: hot dogs, sausage subs with onions and pepper, kettle corn, and even deep fried Oreos. We tried the Wood-fired Pizza (courtesy of Stone Oven Catering) and it was melt in your mouth amazing.

At the end of the day, happy and leg sore, we headed back to the gates where the guardsman saw us off with a joke and a grin and we reentered the 21st century once again. The Shire hosts one of the smaller Renaissance Faire’s around but we will definitely be returning to the quaint mischievous atmosphere next year.


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