Celebrate Your Style Every Day with Renaissance and Medieval Jewelry

As much as we all may love our under bust corsets, Renaissance boots and Medieval armor, the simple fact of the matter is that for the vast majority of us, none of these are work-appropriate pieces. Ever try to sit at your desk all day in a Leather Lorica Segmentata, or help a patient back into bed while wearing a Medieval gown? I’m telling you, it’s not easy! So what are Renaissance and Medieval-loving guys and gals to do? Sit idly by in khaki pants and button down shirts while there’s a whole different era just begging for a little recognition? Perhaps not!

While wardrobe and/or uniform requirements vary greatly from occupation to occupation, chances are good that many of you reading this work in an environment where accessorizing with Medieval style and Renaissance jewelry would be A-OK. Whether you’re serving up caffeinated smiles at a café, or spend most of your day in front of a computer, choosing accessories that reflect your style and interests can help you express yourself without risking anything ‘over the top’ or distracting. Let’s look at a few pieces that we think would work well in many environments…

Dark Desires Medieval Earrings: An elegant black rose with a sparkling center features a single bead drop to an eye-catching faceted crystal. Paired with a medieval gown these earrings take on a darker vibe, but they can also pair perfectly for work with a black dress or suit, or your favorite solid colored blouse.

Mjollnir Pendant: Hand-crafted from fine English pewter, these high-quality necklaces are a popular choice for their attention to detail and easy wearability. Pair them with a t-shirt, nice sweater or button down – it’s hard to go wrong!

Celtic Knot Locket: This sterling silver locket is truly a beauty to behold! With enchanting Celtic knot work on the front and back, it is accented with a petite purple stone. Tuck a photo or tiny treasure inside and keep it close to your heart always.

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