Exploring the Beauty of Medieval Chainmaile Jewelry

Renaissance Chainmaile JewelryThere are many intriguing trends in fashion, and jewelry trends are interesting to follow. While it may seem unusual for everyday wear, the reality is that chainmaile pieces are elegant and intricate. Medieval chainmaile jewelry is beautiful for wearing with your medieval costume, whether you are dressing in period wear for a costume ball, or whether you are participating in a SCA event or local Renaissance event. Elaborate choices in chainmaile are exquisite, beautiful accents for your noble dress. Perhaps you will find a piece that will double as a fun accessory for special dress up days at work.

Better yet, finding time to take a class in the construction of medieval chainmaile jewelry will give you a tremendous sense of appreciation for those who craft the exquisite choices you’ve seen online or on display. The style can be delicate and simple, crafted of thin materials and simply constructed. It can also be heavy and big, created to present a sense of grandeur as it is worn for Renaissance events. Exploring the craft of creating such pieces may even lead you to a new side job. Wear your own creations as you sell them at the next Renaissance festival in your area.


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