Stay Dry and in Costume with a Medieval Cloak

Pearsons Renaissance Shoppe Wool Cloak

Stay Warm and Dry in A Wool Cloak

Much of the fun of attending a Renaissance fair or festival comes from dressing the part. Donning period-appropriate footwear and garments helps attendees immerse themselves in the moment while bringing the past to life. Nothing spoils the illusion faster than modern raincoats. Protect yourself from the elements with Medieval cloaks.


You have three options when it comes to rain gear: Water-resistant, water-repellent and water-proof fabric. Water-resistant fabric offers the least protection while water-proof materials are safe from heavy rain. Water-resistant, hooded cloaks should protect you from fine mist or drizzle; a strong downpour will leave you soaked. Select fabric with a tighter weave so the rain is less likely to penetrate your cloak. Spray your cloak with a fabric-safe water repellent for better protection from rain.


Base your fabric choice on when you plan to wear your cloak. Select Medieval cloaks made from wool or velvet for chilly weather. Stick with lighter fabrics, such as cotton, for summer. Wear an unlined, twill traveler’s cloak during changeable spring weather. Match your cloak to your clothing. Wear a luxurious cloak if you’re a lady. Simple cloaks with serviceable fabrics, on the other hand, are more suitable for country maids.

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