Get Ready for All Hallow’s Eve!

Greetings Traveler!

35 nights from now we will have entered into the tenth month of the year:  October.  It is during this month that there is a constant breeze through the night sky, spirits roam freely upon this plane, and a mischievous veil falls over all the land.

Legend tells that at the culmination of the tenth month, on the 31st night, the barrier between the spirit realm and ours is at its weakest.  This is the night of All Hallow’s Eve!

This night, above all others, is the night when you want to conceal your true identify to prevent wandering spirits from targeting you with their tricks.

If you’ve come to my shoppe, chances are that you are looking for a Medieval costume to wear on All Hallow’s Eve.  If you are still looking through my selection, I advise you to make your decision with haste, as it will take me time to gather the components I need to make your Renaissance costume magically appear at your own dwelling.

Happy Haunting!

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