Get Married – The Renaissance Way

Long gone are the days when a traditional wedding was expected every time. Nowadays, people are crafting weddings that accurately reflect their own unique personalities and coming up with some truly original and fun ideas. Many people who are into cosplay and Ren Faires are opting for Renaissance-themed weddings, complete with Renaissance dresses, foods, and music.

Did you know that during the Renaissance period no man was allowed to give his daughter or female relative to any man with the blessing of a priest? There are many more Renaissance customs that seem odd by today’s standards. Since the Catholic Church was the dominant religion of the time, marriages were required by law to be performed by a priest, and even though couples could be separated, divorce was illegal.

Wedding ceremonies were also a bit different. Rings and kisses would be exchanged in front of a priest, but then the couple would have to wait about 40 days before they could have their actual wedding ceremony. The wedding cake we all know and love was also somewhat different during the Renaissance era. Guests would each bring small cakes and stack them on a table. The bride and groom would try to kiss without knocking them over.

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