Fantasy Costumes for Comic-Con

Get your comic on at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is an international convention for all things comics, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and so forth. Whether it was in a book, on TV, in a movie theater, or on the web, there is a good chance it will be represented at Comic-Con. Fans can expect to meet writers, directors, actors, illustrators, along with a whole host of people related to the industry.

Fans can also expect to meet a lot of other fans. The convention is just for that: The fans. Many fans like to dress up as their favorite characters to show off their love for these stories. Although it is more common to see Mr. Spock, the Joker, or Darth Vader, there are several fantasy themed characters out and about.

This year the Con is from July 21-24 and is being held in San Diego. If you are going to the Con and were interested in appearing as your favorite fantasy character, we wanted to advise that you order your fantasy costumes now. You want to make sure that they get to you in enough time for you to pack and try them on. Also don’t forget that as Steampunk makes more and more of an appearance in the mainstream, that you can also find Steampunk costumes at

We hope all of this year’s attendees have a great time!

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