Renaissance Dresses: For Noble Lady Airs and Wear

Renaissance Dress

The summer Renaissance faire season is behind, but there are still plenty of ways to find the opportunity to wear Renaissance dresses and act the part of a noble lady. Creating a realistic character, though, involves putting on the right outfit and the right airs. Whether you are mingling with other Medieval minded friends or whether you are acting before a crowd of school children, be sure that you are in character before they see you.

You can practice ahead of any formal event so that your accent is fresh and your Renaissance dresses ready. You can make sure there aren’t problems with your garb. Check to be sure there isn’t any insect infestation. While you may not have the outfits stored for winter because of pending engagements, you can still do your best to keep critters at bay by keeping dryer sheets in the storage area. Check out hair styles, crowns, trinkets and wigs in advance. If you are learning a part, run through it with a friend or family member. If you must simply be prepared to act noble, spend plenty of time preparing. At your events, make sure that you concentrate on the accent you are going to use.


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