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When most people think about the Renaissance era, they think about knights and maidens.  They think about flowery dresses and extravagant outfits.  It is perceived as a time of lords and ladies.

But avast ye mateys!  It would be unwise to forget that treacherous pirates still roamed the seven seas.  When merchant ships sailed from nation to nation, the dreaded skull and crossbones could appear at any time to loot and plunder.

Therefore, PearsonsRenaissanceShoppe.com has many different articles of pirate clothing so that you can represent this important demographic of the Renaissance time period.

Adoring the clothing of the scoundrels of the sea can really add a sense of diversity to a Renaissance faire or activity.  Most people are expecting prim and proper nobles.  If you are a swashbuckling rogue who is anything but prim and proper, you can really show faire-goers the complete picture of how things were way back then.

So if you want to shiver your timbers, make sure to visit PearsonsRenaissanceShoppe.com for all of your costuming needs.

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