Palace Guard: Day 20

We must now be completely on our guard

By the time we actually left the cavern, the sun had just started to set.

“It is now His time of day,” Trevor started, “We must now be completely on our guard.”

We saddled our horses and we made for our return home, unsure of what to expect. We again stopped only when necessary to give our mounts food and rest. The night passed without incident and we realized that we would be back at the gatehouse by dawn.

As we neared the keep, we were met with a surprise: The entire city was covered with a thick fog. So thick was the fog that we could barely see each other, being only a few paces away from one another. We dismounted and cautiously made our way, as best we could toward the main gate. We were uncertain whether we would find our fellow guardsmen patrolling the city, or if we would be the only survivors.

Along our way, we each described seeing a shrouded figure wandering through the fog. We could not determine if the figure was an actual person, or some sort of phantom that was the result of our mind playing tricks. But we all agreed that the figure was completely covered with a Medieval cloak. It was extremely unnerving.

Upon approaching the gate, we noticed that it was still secure, though the fog prevented us from seeing if any sentry was in the watch tower.

“I suppose we should knock,” Josephus remarked.

“Anyone in the tower?” Grantiere yelled.

We waited there in the dense fog for a response.

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