Palace Guard: Day 19

If I were to venture down the path to this cavern...

After the Vampire demanded the whereabouts of the Baron’s daughter, Grantiere bravely stepped forward.

“Given her elderly state,” he began, “Her rate of travel has been slowed.”

“She is on the road and should be here within the hour,” Celebryn added.

The Vampire pondered the response as he slowly paced before us. He cast a glance toward the Skeletal Mage, then back toward us. He squinted at us in what seemed to be disapproval.

“The Baron wanted us to offer you this pendant in exchange for your mercy,” said Grantiere as he held out the trinket.

“If I were to venture down the path to this cavern,” the Vampire started, “I would eventually encounter the Baron’s daughter.”

“That is correct,” responded Grantiere.

“Well then,” said Rulatha, “If that is accurate, then I suppose you wouldn’t mind waiting here until I can confirm your claim.”

He nodded toward his mage. The skeleton raised its arms as the ground beneath us start to rumble. Skeletal arms emerged from the ground as a battalion of the undead warriors surrounded us and proceeded to bind us together. As their lifeless forms were following the commands of their leader, I noticed that the chain they were tying around our Medieval belts was extremely rusty.

Before I could completely process this thought, the chain was pulled tight and we were completely restricted. The Vampire stood with his back to us.

“If you have deceived me, my entire host shall be unleashed upon your kingdom,” said Rulatha as he disappeared into the shadows.

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