Palace Guard: Day 19 (Part 3)

What kind of battle is this?

As soon as Balthus told us to get ready to catch, we heard the sound of metal striking metal. He had found an axe on the ground, where one of the skeletons recently stood, and used it to strike at the chain that was holding Josephus in the air. We looked up just in time as Josephus fell toward us. We reached up and did our best to catch him, but we all collapsed under his weight. We helped him to his feet, though he was very fatigued. His weapons and armor were nowhere to be seen, so we decided it would be best to leave the cavern before the vampire returned.  We cautiously made our way down the dark corridor.

“Trevor,” I started, “Did you say that you would not count on our ruse not working?”

“Aye,” Trevor responded.

“I beseech thee to be more clear,” Grantiere said through gritted teeth.

“What exactly are we preparing for?” Trevor asked.

“An assault from an army of undead abominations,” Balthus responded.

“What if I told you that the army that will attack us consists of one vampire?” Trevor queried.

“It would still be a vampire, but I don’t understand,” Grantiere said.

“How many skeletons did you see in the chamber?” Trevor quipped.

“After you made the light come out of that Medieval Pendant, none,” I answered.

“Exactly,” Trevor started, “That was a purifying light that penetrated the entirety of the cavern.”

“You mean that the whole army is gone?” Celebryn asked.

“It would have been better to cut off the head of the snake,” Trevor said, “But now at least we only have one foe.”

“Then we must prepare for a different kind of combat when return to the Keep,” Grantiere said.

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