Palace Guard: Day 19 (Part 2)

Sometimes one must improvise...

After a few minutes of being trapped in our precarious situation, the skeletons that were ordered  to bind us fell into some sort of a trance. They became eerily still and the small red glow in their eyes subsided. We pondered amongst ourselves as to what we could do to escape our current predicament. The only one who continued to move was the mage, who wandered off down one of the side corridors.

That is when we heard footsteps coming down the path that we had used to gain entry into the cavern. We feared that the vampire had already returned, when we noticed that it was Trevor. He was moving slowly as to not alert the skeletal guards, though we weren’t sure if they would have heard him anyway.

“Did he take the Medieval pendant?” Trevor whispered.

“No, I have it in my hand,” Grantiere replied.

“Give it to me, we haven’t much time,” Trevor said.

He reached forward and clasped the pendant to his left shoulder and started reciting what sounded like a prayer. The jewel on the pendant began to radiate a bright light, that soon encompassed the entirety of the cavern. When the light subsided, all of the skeletons in the chamber were gone; piles of ash on the ground were all that remained.

“I had hoped to use that on Rulatha,” Trevor started, “But sometimes one must improvise.”

“How did you know to come for us?” Baltus asked.

“I saw the vampire speed down the path,” Trevor answered, “We may not have long, we must leave at once.”

“What about Josephus?” I questioned, pointing up to where our comrade was currently being held.

“We have to get him down quickly,” Trevor responded.

“And we must get back to warn the kingdom that our ruse didn’t work,” Grantiere added.

“I wouldn’t count on that just yet,” Trevor said.

“Everyone get ready to catch Josephus,” Balthus commanded.

“What do you mean, catch?” Grantiere asked with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

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