Palace Guard: Day 17

Getting ready for the battle

We’ve been on the move, doing our best to recall the path we initially took while traveling to the lair of the Master of the Night. We stayed constantly on guard, fearful that we are walking into an ambush—again. When we saw the cliff face, Trevor had us hold our position.


“You remember what you all must do?” Trevor asked.


“We’re supposed to go in and offer this pendant,” Grantiere replied.


“You’re forgetting an important element,” said Trevor.


“And we’re supposed to let the creature know that the Baron’s Daughter is on the way,” finished Celebryn.


“Correct,” Trevor started, “One last thing: I can not enter with you.”


“You’re the only one who knows how to fight this thing,” Baltus demanded.


“Rulatha will remember me and it will compromise the mission,” Trevor responded, “I will waiting outside should anything happen.”


“Isn’t that comforting,” Grantiere said, “We’re wasting time here.”


As we moved toward the cavern entrance, I couldn’t help but feel protected underneath my chain mail armor shirt. Even though we were facing a very unusual foe, I still could feel the exhilaration of the upcoming encounter. When the actual outcropping of the entrance came into view, we saw that it was patrolled by some of the same walking dead from the our last visit. We all dismounted and made our way to meet with the vampire.

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