Palace Guard: Day 15

What will happen?

The entirety of the kingdom is at a state of alert. Our couriers have been dispatched to all of the villages and dells, summoning all members of the army and all of the local militias. With the uncertainty of the unholy threat, the Bishop wanted the capitol well defended.  Men have been streaming in through the gates all morning and making their way to the armory in order pick up a weapon and to be fitted for Medieval armor.


Trevor is still formulating a plan, utilizing his vast experience in Witch Hunting to deal with the vampire. He feels that since my small troop has seen the vampire in action that we are the most qualified to participate in the attempt to destroy him. We are to leave immediately in order to meet the three day deadline so that we can rescue Josephus from the clutches of this villain.


Trevor has commissioned a Mage to assist with the creation of an artifact that bears a similar appearance to that of the pendant we are to return to the vampire. We hope that it is a close enough replica that it satisfies Rulatha long enough for us to return Josephus back to the castle. Once the vampire discovers that it is a forgery, we hope he still launches his assault. Our castle walls are formidable and can withstand the brunt of an assault, while our detachment moves into position to stake the enemy general.


We leave in mere moments. It has been quite some time since the Kingdom’s entire panoply of war has been assembled. Soldiers stand on the bulwarks at all hours, keeping watch for the army of the living dead that may already be on its way. Battle is imminent.

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