Palace Guard: Day 14 Part II

The truth is being revealed

“What would you have done in my position?” the Baron shouted at us, “She would have died!”


We all stood there, our faces twisted into expressions of confusion. Baron Galt-Haldane was only in his middle years; his daughter having just reached her 19th celebration of birth. They both are well known for their youthful visages. But the woman we now stood before appeared to have walked the earth for more than a century. Her old and decrepit form was next to lifeless as she sat in a velvet chair, being attended to by aids. The Baron took off his Medieval Nobles Cloak, and slid into his own chair defeated.


“Tell us how this happened,” the Bishop commanded.


“When she was born, she had an illness that threatened her life,” the Baron started, “The physicians all said that nothing could be done. But then this man appeared and offered to save her.”


“This the same person we fought in the cave?” Grantiere queried.


“More than likely,” the Baron responded, “He said he could help with a price—her physical body would age ten years for each year she was alive.”


“But we’ve seen her many times, and she’s always appeared youthful,” said the Queen’s Advisor.


“We were told as long as she wore the pendant, she would retain her actual age,” answered the Baron, “When she turned 19, the man came back wanting to be her suitor, but I refused since he was not of noble claim.”


“Which explains why he wanted he sent his men after the pendant,” Trevor reasoned.


“And also what he’ll be after when he sends his skeleton army to attack the town,” said Grantiere.


“Skeleton army?” asked the Bishop.


“Yes my Lord—the walking dead,” responded Celebryn.


“What shall we do?” asked the Queen’s Advisor


“If we can destroy the vampire,” Trevor began, “Then the dark magic that binds his unholy hoarde together will dissipate.”


“Well,” I said, “We have three days until they get here.”

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