Top Medieval Myths…and the Truth! Part 1

One of the most mythologized times in history is the medieval era. People have so many misconceptions about the medieval period that separating fact from fiction can become quite the chore! We strive for accuracy with all out medieval costumes, so it is important to us that we help our customers learn about the medieval period, free from the myths. Today, we gathered some of the most commonly believed myths about the medieval era.

  • Many people believe that there weren’t any advancements in science for a variety of reasons. Some say the church would do anything to suppress any new scientific ideas and research. This is not true. In fact, it was the Catholic monks who set up monasteries all over Europe who would bring along extensive libraries. During this period, the church established many of England’s well-known universities, like Oxford and Cambridge, and translated many works by Aristotle and Plato, giving way to the Renaissance era.
  • The common belief is that everyone in the medieval era was dirty and smelled pretty bad. The fact is that medieval people actually washed quite often! A custom of medieval people was to offer a bath to guests when they entered each other’s home. Soap was also a very popular item back then, being made in England, Italy, Spain, and France.

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