Knights Hospitaller Tunic: A Brief History

Learn about the history of this noble order

Have you ever seen this Hospitaller tunic on our website and wonder what exactly this group of knights was all about? We have all heard of other groups around the same time period such as the Templars, but this specific group operated under a different creed than that of its contemporary counterparts.

The Knights Hospitaller were a religious group of men dedicated to the maintenance and operation of a hospital in Jerusalem during the turbulent era of the Crusades. After arriving in the Holy City, the Hospitallers pledged to take offer medical aid to those pilgrims to the Holy Land who were injured, sick, or poor.

During the First Crusade, the Christian forces made significant pushes into Muslin lands and gained quite a hold. It was during this time that the Hospitallers founded their own charter and became an official religious and military organization whose chief concern was to protect and care for the Holy Land.

The order still is in existence today in a modern form as the Roman Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

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