How To Be A Cunning Rogue at a LARP

What? There's nothing stashed in my boot!

Half the fun of creating a character for a LARP is to try to accomplish feats that you otherwise couldn’t inĀ  your normal life. Heading out to a LARP event and role playing as a gallant warrior, a studious mage, or a skilled artisan can provide a lot of entertainment.

One character type that people would like to play, but find it difficult to pull off, is the rogue. Now when we say rogue, we find that most people automatically think of the type of spy who moves around at night and tries to sneak into places where they don’t belong looking for valuables. Although this can be a fun character to play it isn’t the only type of rogue.

Some of the most successful rogues do not need to operate under the cover of night. In some cases they are the most boisterous people in town. Here are some tips you can follow if you’d like to give this type of rogue a try.

Wear long Medieval Boots: If you are able to gain people’s confidence to the point where you can lift a few coins, you need someplace to hide them that isn’t obvious. A pocket full of coins not only bulges, but makes noise as well. Sliding a few coins down the side of your boot is a quick and easy way to stash your cash.

Never work alone: Most rogues usually operate in pairs or small guilds. It can be difficult to pull off a successful heist by yourself. Work with some friends so that you have a few options when making your plans. Also, it is convenient to have someone who can hide you while you’re under the watchful eye of the law.

We wish you the best of luck if you plan on going this route. We hope you have fun!

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