Allied Kingdoms: Wyvern Rising Live Action Role Play

All of the Renaissance costumes that you find at can be put to a variety of uses.  As we’ve discussed before, one such avenue for our Medieval clothing can be a Live Action Role Playing game or LARP for short.

LARPs are fully immersive games that put the player directly into the game world.  You create your character and you actually play that character anyway that you’d like.  There are various genres and types of LARPs out there, but once that we’ve recently come to know very well is Wyvern Rising.

Wyvern Rising is a high fantasy, low body, boffer combat LARP.  This group is based out of Hazleton, which is located in North Eastern Pennsylvania and they typically hold their events at Hickory Run State Park.

Currently in its 7th season, Wyvern Rising has been providing LARPers the opportunity to place the dashing hero or the sinister villain.  You can play a human, elf, dwarf, orc, or a number of other races that are unique to their world.  You can be the gallant warrior, the swashbuckling rogue, the devout priest, the studious mage, or a skilled craftsman.  With all of the different combinations of character types, really the only question that can be asked it, “What role will you play?”

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