Harry Potter Costumes: You can have a Hogwarts Holiday!

One of the most beautiful scenes in any of the Harry Potter movies would have to be the time when Hogwarts celebrated Christmas. In fact, the witches and wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry took Christmas so seriously that they celebrated it for several weeks. Each Christmas, the Hogwarts Great Hall is decorated with towering Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, and other Yuletide accents. And, since it’s a magical world, the school is also decorated with live fairies that fly around the trees, and everlasting icicles that add a touch of winter whimsy. There’s even dry snow floating around from the Enchanted Ceiling.

You can’t quite reenact everything about a Hogwarts Christmas, but you can certainly make sure that you look the part as you celebrate your own Muggle holiday! Here at Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe, we have a selection of Harry Potter costumes to help you look and feel magical this holiday season. You can find some unique Triwizard Tournament shirts, Hogwarts school scarves, wizard robes, wizard hats, and other great wizard costumes

You may not have access to magic, but our Harry Potter costumes will help bring a little bit of Hogwarts into your holiday celebration. And they certainly make great gifts for the Harry Potter fan on your list!

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