Palace Guard

Palace Guard Journal: Day 12

I was right: It was a trap. We followed Von Ottenhiem back to where he told us his band convened. After two days of travel, we came upon a small outcropping of rocks a short distance in the woods from the road. We all readied our weapons and slowly descended into the dark.

After a while, we were in total darkness. Josephus, knowing his bow would not be useful in such close quarters, made his way back to the mouth of the cave and fashioned a torch and returned to us. We pressed on, prodding Von Ottenhiem to the front of the line.

After a great deal of time, we entered into a circular antechamber. It was clearly made by a sentient being, as it had carvings on the wall with several passages. It almost looked like the courtyard of an underground castle, though the passages radiated out from the middle, as if this were the meeting point of several passages.

Von Ottenhiem said that this was the room where they would meet and discuss plans, though his band had been instructed to only use the passage we had just used to gain entrance. As we investigated the room, we heard Celebryn cry out. As I turned to look, I saw that he was on the ground, his legs bound by rope. Baltus had just enough time to draw his swords to ward off the attack of a man dressed as a monk. I turned and brought my pike to bear just as the head of a mace was swung in my direction. The shaft of my weapon blocked the blow, but splintered in the process. I drew my sword and entered the melee.

Another episode from our palace guard

After a few moments of heated battle, our experienced group had subdued our attackers and had them all tied up for further questioning. This was clearly the band that we had been tracking. Just as Grantiere was about to start his interrogation, we heard footsteps from the passageway. As we turned and looked, we saw a man dressed in a dark Gatekeeper coat appear out of the shadowy entrance. He did not look alarmed and his sword was still grasped in his hands in a non-threatening manner.

He said in a firm voice, “Von Ottenhiem, my child…you did well.”

Palace Guard Journal: Day 10

What could happen next?

The “monk” finally came to. At first he was quite resistent to our questioning. Then Grantiere began his interrogation. He can be quick, persuasive, especially when he uses his chain mail gauntlets to do the talking.

The prisoner informed us that he was called Von Ottenhiem, and that he was on a very special mission for his employer. Von Ottenhiem stated that he had no information about his employer, which must be true because he looked like he could no longer take Grantiere’s interrogation.

All he was willing to divulge was that the person who hired him promised a lucrative sum of coin if he and his band were able to retrieve the stone from the Baron’s daughter. They took the guise of monks to gain the audience they required. Now we are going off of Von Ottenhiem’s directions and Josephus’ tracking abilities to attempt to find the small cavern this band of thieves uses as a hideout.

My instinct tells me this is a trap.

Palace Guard Journal: Day 8

What will happen next?

We are on the road now. All five of us are about a day’s ride away from Castle. What lead us to this path was somewhat unique.

First, it was in fact a wizard who came to speak with us. He uncovered some of the mystery that has covered this necklace that we have been sent to find. Apparently this wizard had found this stone many years ago and it possess a magical power said to be destructive if in the wrong hands. It was given to the Baron’s daughter as a way to hide the stone in plain sight.

Well, we all know how well that plan worked out.

Shortly after the wizard delivered his message, we heard a commotion coming from the actual palace. On our way over, we saw several of our fellow guardsmen either wounded or subdued in front of the main door to the palace. From that door, the monks from a few days earlier raced from the building–one of them carrying the stone!

There was a brief skirmish but they were clearly utilizing their own form of magic to quickly elude our attacks. They made it past the front gate, but before they made it completely to safety, Josephus took out an arrow from the quiver on his Robin Hood belt, and let it loose. It pinned one of the monks down by his robe.

We knocked him unconscious, restrained him, and now he travels with us. When he wakes up, we plan on interrogating him, which I know is Grantiere’s specialty.

Palace Guard Journal: Day 7

What could this wizard want?

It has been two days since the Baron’s daughter has reported her Medieval necklace as missing. Now don’t me wrong: I know how nobles are when it comes to expensive things. I also know how a spoiled noble’s daughter might whine and fuss about how her precious piece of jewelry is gone. But, her father is a Baron; why doesn’t he just buy her a new one?

Because of all this, I’ve actually been reassigned to a special task force specifically designed to locate this missing locket. Imagine that: Her Majesty’s royal guard is spending his time walking through the confines of the castle looking for this trinket all to satiate a noble brat.

There are five of us in this task force:  Josephus, a championship archer, Celebryn, a Chaplin who is using his commune with the divine to attempt to locate the necklace, Baltus, a master swordsman, Grantiere, our company leader, and myself. I am unsure as to why this eclectic grouping of warriors is needed to find a simple piece of jewelry, but I simply do as I’m told.

As I write this, I notice that our garrison is being approached by an elderly man wearing what appears to be a wizard’s cloak. This can’t be good.

Palace Guard Journal: Day 5

LOST! Have you seen this necklace?

The sun has risen on the fifth day of my guard tower duty. I’m somewhat groggy because last night our Captain summoned us. The daughter of the Baron had reported that her necklace, which was a family heirloom, had been reported missing.

My company was tasked with searching the entire palace for this piece of Medieval jewelry. We had to rouse everyone from their chambers, search from top to bottom, uncover every stone. We were afraid we’d even have to check chamber pots.

Despite our exhaustive search, we were unable to procure the locket. We know that it is likely that tomorrow the entire town will be on lockdown. Since I am posted in the tower the overlooks the main gate, I know I’m going to be the one to break the bad news to people who want to leave the town for the day. I hope they remember the phrase: “Don’t  shoot the messenger.”

I’m not looking forward to this day.

Palace Guard Journal: Day 3

Find the perfect monk's robe

‘Tis day three of my post in the watchtower.  I know in my last entry I said I was going to record exciting events in this journal, but I’ve come to learn that exciting events need to actually happen before they can be recorded.

Let’s see, so far I’ve observed the following coming through the gate:  A wandering minstrel, a suitor for the princess, a company of soldiers returning from patrol, and several merchants looking to sell their wares.  Exhilarating.  It doesn’t seem like anything exciting is happening in the entire kingdom however, as I spoke with some of the soldiers who had returned and they had reported finding nothing out of sorts.

I am about to end my shift for the day and return to my home.  Though, as I glance toward the gate one last time I noticed that we have a new arrival.  They appear to be monks.  That is peculiar, as we do not have any monasteries within the castle walls.  But their monk’s robes clearly define who they are.  Perhaps they are seeking an audience with the Queen.

No mind.  The Captain is escorting them personally.  Back to day dreaming until I can climb down from my post.

Palace Guard Journal: Day 1

My name is Danius Halbing.  I’ve served on the Town Watch for five seasons, and in that time I’ve fought in many battles, been to many exciting places, and found out this dawn, that I shall be reassigned to a new post that shall be my greatest challenge to date:  Watchtower Duty.

I was told by our Captain that it would be a “Duty worthy of all my ancestors.”  I suppose he is of the opinion that the Halbing brood did nothing but stand around in an elevated platform for centuries.  However, my loyalty is to the Queen and if she needs someone in the watchtower, so there shall I be.

Since I anticipate my assignment to be uneventful, I decided to keep a journal as to record this exhilarating portion of my life.  As the sun crested the horizon this morning, I put on my Medieval palace guard tunic, sheathed my sword, picked up my pike and made way to watchtower overlooking the main gate to the castle.  I am scarcely able to contain my glee.  I shall continue to record any events of interest in this journal.  That is of course, permitting anything interesting actually happens.