Safe Storage of Your Medieval Costumes

Renaissance Noble Robe

Summer is the height of renaissance faire season, and as the chilly weather looms, you may be wistfully thinking about the fun you’ve had as you consider storing your festival garments. It’s important to store your Medieval costumes carefully so that they are protected from dust and moths through the winter. Take the time to pack away your gear safely so that next summer’s season will be just as much fun as this year’s was.

It’s possible to use a simple garment bag to store your Medieval costumes. If moths or rodents are a concern in your home, then you may want to consider using mothballs in the bottom of your garment bag. These should be kept out of reach of youngsters as they are toxic in nature. A more popular and better smelling option for repelling critters is the use of dryer sheets in your garment packaging. You may opt for some of the current suction bag options that allow you to completely remove air from the garment bag, perfect for ensuring protection from moisture, insects and other hazards. Some people find that a trunk is better for their storage needs than a bag. Everything from hats to boots can be stored along with your costumes.

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