Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe Presents: Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Leading Lady!

As February draws near and we all get more accustomed to writing “2013”, there is an unmistakable whisper of love in the air! Yes, Cupid has his arrow poised, and Saint Valentine’s ears are ringing. If you’re lucky enough to be in love, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity not only for chocolate hearts and delicious dinners, but also to simply express your affection for that special someone.

In an ideal world we would let each other know every day exactly how special our relationships are, but in the real world, that doesn’t always happen. Valentine’s Day calls on us to remember that we didn’t just ‘fall together’ by chance – or that even if we did, it is a beautiful bond that keeps us together!

There is no one-size-fits-all perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but we have a few in mind from our selection that we would be happy to receive from our very own Renaissance man! Would any of these appeal to the fabulous lady in your life? Take a peek…

Black Bolero Lace Shrug: This is, in a word, stunning! Bolero shrugs are endlessly useful. I find myself reaching for one time and again to dress up an outfit or pull it together, or keep chills at bay when wearing sleeveless tops and dresses. This black shrug will surely pair with so many pieces already in her closet, and features an enchanting lace accent that is both timelessly pretty and on trend.

3-Row Rhinestone Headband: Whether your favorite fashionable female has long hair or short hair, our triple-row rhinestone headband will make her locks look even more lovely! This style features two eyelets for bobby pins, making it easy to keep in place without worry of slipping. She can wear this with one of her favorite Renaissance looks, or with almost anything in her everyday wardrobe!

Blue Heart Earrings: A truly enchanting work of art, these dazzling dangle earrings catch the light, beautifully enhancing her face with sparkling shine. These are especially fantastic if she loves the look of heart-shaped jewelry, but prefers a less traditional shade than red.

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